Tales of Masonia [RP]

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Tales of Masonia [RP]

Post by Dark_Fire27 »

Alright, I tried this be4 on other sites, and decided to try it out here, to see what the results would end up...

Aselian Calender: 2085
Due to the power of their enhanced Exphere and Cruxis Crystal, Lloyd Aurion (Yes, he took his father's last name) and Collette Brunel managed to cause the Giant Tree, Yggdrasil, to grow, thanks to the help of tree's spirit, Martel. Thanks to the new tree, mana flowed throughout the land of Aselia, the world which Lloyd called after his hometown of Iselia. But, Lloyd was unable to collect all of the remaining Exspheres throughout the world, even with the help of his friends. Now, because of unknown reasons, the Mana levels are starting to decline. Lloyd's successor now carries on searching for the exphere's his ancestor couldn't find, as well as stopping whoever's causing the mana levels to decrease. But, will he fight alone or will he have the help of others like Lloyd?

*whew* Anyways, now it's up to you whether you want to fight alongside the successor (me) or against him. Here's a few of my rules for those who don't know them...

1)PG13 romance only.
2)8 line minimum in order to post.
3)No Godsmodding (or ur character will suffer the concequences)
4)Don't quit in the middle of the RP.
5)If you're planning on killing a character from the RP (not NPCs), consult it with both the person who controls that character, and also myself.
6)Swearing is allowed, but too much can lead to trouble.
7)Have fun while RPing, k? ^-^

Anyways, character sheet...

Name: (rather obvious)
Age: (Nothing extreme like Kratos, Yuan and such, unless you have a specific reason)
Race: (Human, elf, half-elf, or dwarf. If you want to be an angel, PM me first. (Angels start off like everyone else, simple equipment/skills))
History: (Has to be 2 lines minimum)
Personality: (Be creative)
Job: (Anything from mercanary, bounty hunter, President, ninja, castle guard, etc. This also includes hobbies, such as crafter, artist, novelist and other similar things...)
Element Specialty: (Can only have up to 2, and this includes any race, but humans and dwarfs only gain protection against that element type.)
Weapon/Skill type: (start off with only up to five skills, (not including your final) and start off with basic weapon(s), such as a long sword, long bow, etc.)
Final Attack: (What your character does before they get knocked out, or when they're in danger. Give a brief description on what it does, and when it does change, edit your post so we know what it's called. Also, it would be a bit fair if you have a side effect that affects your character after they use the skill. (see my char. sheet 4 more info.))
Side: (Good or Evil)
Pet: (Optional, nothing huge like a dragon)
Extra: (Anything else you want to add, also optional)

Here's mine...

Name: Trigger Aurion
Age: 18
Race: Human
History: For being on his own since he was just eight, he learned that life isn't too easy. His parents were lost at that time, although the reason remains unknown to him. Has a younger sister, but was seperated from her at the age of eleven. Constantly on the search for her, he also seeks out the other odd-job that gives him decent pay once in a while. While he searches for her, he keeps his eyes open for any Exspheres.
Personality: A combat serious, but soft-hearted person. Intelligent, but often acts before thinking things over. Doesn't get mad easily, unless provoked. When angered, he loses focus and ends up getting hurt.
Appearance: Brown, semi-spiky hair, roan-red eyes, average build, 5'6" tall, and wears a green cloak over his everyday clothes, consisting of a black t-shirt (a chain-mail shirt hidden underneath), baggy jeans and combat boots.
Job: Mercanary
Element Specialty: Lightning & ice
Weapon/Skill type:
Weapon: Mumei (Katana, single)
Abilities: (All used with Katana)
Demon Fang (Small wave of mana that travels along the ground)
Sonic/Lightning thrust (depends on weapon element/weather) (Sonic = simple stab strike)(Lightning = Stab followed by a lightning strike)
Swift Strike (A weak, but very fast attack.)
Eagle Eye (A very accurate attack.)
Komodo Strike (High damaging, but inaccurate attack.)
Final Attack: Wolf's Eternal Sleep (When Trigger is in grave danger, his pet wolf pup (see below) howls, summoning a pack of wolves to come and aid Trigger, all attacking at once. Trigger does a ten hit combo while the wolves are distracting the enemy(ies), before unleashing a large blow to the opponent. Trigger is most likely to pass out after using this skill.)
Side: Good
Pet: A wolf pup called Fenrir, which taps into people's minds, thus speaking to them telepathically.
Extra: Carries the Angelus Project (Lloyd's enhanced Exsphere), but doesn't have it equipped. He fights using a normal Exsphere, and the Angelus Project reacts only when the mana levels decline.

Now, there can only be a total of 8-9 good people(not including myself, of course), and 3-4 villians, but we'll start when we have 4 good people and 1 villian.

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Re: Tales of Masonia [RP]

Post by lilemokatya »

Name: Katya
Age: 21
Race: Human
History: (Has to be 2 lines minimum)
Personality: (Be creative)
Appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/evil ... l.jpg?o=81
Job: Dark Mage
Element Specialty: Wind
Weapon/Skill type:(Wind blades)
Tornado(very small little damage)
Wind Dance ()
Final Attack: Turns into an identical wolf yet oppisites, runs directly at enimy and turns into a cyclone slaming into them causeing severe damage, Knocks her out 4 a duration(happens when in deep danger)
Side: Evil
Pet: Wolf ( http://media.photobucket.com/image/whit ... f.jpg?o=19 )

(Will complete tomorrow)

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