Hunger Games

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Hunger Games

Post by Kamri »

Okay so ive only read the first book so dont spoil the others for me or anyone else if you've read them.

Normal rules apply, Paragraph posts. Powerplaying allowed if asked first.

"Sixty seconds. Thats how long we're required to stand on our metal circles befor the sound of a gong releases us. Step off before the minute is up, and the land mines blow your legs off. Sixty seconds to take in the ring of tributes all equal-distant fro the Cornucopia, a giant golden horn shaped like a cone with a curved tail, the mouth of which is a least twenty feet high, spilling over with the things that will give us life here in the arena. Food, containers of water, weapons, medicine, garments, fire starters. Strewn across the Cornucopia are other supplies, their value decreasing the farther they are from the horn." ~ Hunger Games Chapter 11, Suzanne Collins.

Solitare stands silently staring over the Cornucopia his hands twitching a bit in anticipation. He looks at the ground and a thought runs thru his head, Maybe I can jump over those mines. Then it passes as he knows its too risky. So he looks around the arena too take it in. This year its a deasert waist land. Nothing for miles in front of him past the Cornucopia but red sand endless red sand, Your dead if you go that way. To the left is rocky and jagged, good for hiding but perilous if you were to slipp and fall. In the middle is a small body of water and as far as he can see nothing not even the tinyest of streams lead to it. So thats probably the only water sourse for miles. The thought runs through his mind as he looks over to the right, it is a sparce grassland with few trees.

He rememebered what his trainer had told him. Do not go for anything in the Cornucopia unless you run into it when you are escaping. Her voice echoed in his head. He had to make a decision now, he had little time. He glanced around and decided he'd head for the grassland, at least then he'd have some shade from the heat that was already blaring down on him.

In a few seconds the gong sounded out across the land, he jumped off the metal plate backwards and took off for the grass. His light body letting him get up to speed quickly. Out of all the boy tributes he was the smallest and one of the fastest he hoped. Dashing across the sand he heard the first noises of battle hoping, even though he hated her the other district 7 it wasnt her he glanced back. He could see at least two bodies splayed out on the sand the blood turning it a sticky looking black. With he a shudder he continued on.

Soon he reached the grass he glanced around and then he headed for a group of trees and brambles. He knew that some of the other tributes might head for there too but he needed to stay close he needed water at least. He'd wait and hide in the brambles till night time and see if he could sneak back down to the Cornucopia and find a way to get water.

When he reached the brambles he wallked around them looking for an easy way in. These particular brambles had thick thorns on them and would definatly hurt if you were to get one stuck in you. Carefully after hed found an opening he slid his thin form inside a small space free of thorns and carefully pushed the brambles against the entrance of his hidey hole and settled for a long wait.
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Re: Hunger Games

Post by KawaiiGirl104 »

((Okay. This seems kind of interesting.... But maybe you should make a skeleton for people to use. Something like:

Age: [between 12 and 18 for tributes; 19 and older for Gamemakers, non-competing
Appearance: [Picture or Description]
Career: [if the person is a Career, and how long have they been training.]
Other: [Any other information we should know about your character.]

Just a suggestion. I might join if you also give a little time to show the choosing of the tributes, training, and description of the stadium.))
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Re: Hunger Games

Post by Bobzilla »

(I'll post the description of the Stadium at a later date. I love the Hunger Games and ther other books.)
Name: Bob Mac'kin
Age: 18
Appearance: ... 36yo70.jpg
Family: None
District: 12
Skills: Sword-Play, Fishing, Medical Skills, and Hunting
Backstory/History: Unknown. Abandoned in the wild by family. Resurfaced when 18 to fight in the games.
Career: Is not a Career
Other: [Any other information we should know about your character.]
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Re: Hunger Games

Post by Kyo »

I don't get it -_-
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