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My InuYasha Role-play

Posted: Oct 27, 2010 9:58am
by InuYasha_fan666
Hey guys, I'm starting an InuYasha RP. But before I do I'm going to give you a run-down on my character and his father and sister.


Race: Half demon

Sex: Male

Age: 500 years old (19 in human years)

History: Brett is the son of the legendary priestess Kikyo and the legendary demon Eiji of Horai Island, he's passionate and caring and loyal to his friends. His claws secrete a deadly poison which is very fatal to humans but he only uses them on his enemies, he has a short temper and when angered enough....He will become his full demon self which is far more dangerous than his normal form, only Kagome can calm him down though for he does have feelings for her. He lost his sister Elin to 3 paranoid demon slayers in Sango's village and ever since then he's been afraid to tell Sango who really destroyed her village for he fears that she would betray him and kill him along with his God-brother Naraku. He lost his father to Shadow Naraku, a demon that is a dark side of Naraku and the reason Kikyo wants to kill him. He used to be friends with InuYasha but ever since he lost his friends the Thunder Brothers to him and Kagome, he became more than just his rival for Kagome's heart and now wants to destroy him every chance he gets. However, there can be times where he has to team up with the mutt (Mostly because of Kagome convincing him to). Deep down, Brett cares about InuYasha even though he has a grudge against him......He just wants to live a peaceful life with Kagome and not lose every member of his family.


Race: Full demon

Age: 1000 (Deceased because of Shadow Naraku)

Sex: Male

History: Eiji was a legend among the kids of Horai Island, even the War Gods didn't dare cross him for his speed is the speed of lightning. Before he met Kikyo, he was an emotionless demon which are very rare to encounter even on Horai Island, he was fearless and ready to protect anyone from evil should the need arises. Strangely for an emotionless demon, he fears Sacred Arrows which is why he first showed fear when Kikyo aimed an arrow at him when she first met him. But later Kikyo began to teach Eiji about emotions then eventually fell in love with him. After they got married, they had a son and daughter together. But his time with them was short lived after Elin's wrongful death for Shadow Naraku killed him while disguised as Naraku to trick Kikyo into killing him to unleash Brett's full demon form upon the world.


Race: Half demon

Age: 10 (5 in human years)

Sex: Female

History: Elin was Brett's sister whom he loved very much. She was an innocent little demon girl but was killed by 3 paranoid demon slayers because they thought she was going to kill them when she grew up. She was the cause of Brett's transformation which resulted in the destruction of Sango's village.

And that's about it, if anybody would like to rp with me. Now's your chance, just tell me who you want to be (Or your character depending on if you want your own character in the RP) and we'll start. (I need at least 5 people being the main InuYasha characters first before we can start.)

Re: My InuYasha Role-play

Posted: Nov 27, 2010 6:25am
by The Hooded Boy

Race: Half-dragon

Sex: Male

Age: 18 years old (Human age is the same because he will always be human in appearance)

History: Son of Puissance, the king of the elemental dragons (the most powerful of dragon-kind), he has inherited the entire appearance of a human from his mother with the strength, speed, muscle endurance, etc. from his father. There is another part to him though that did not unlock until later in life, and that was his fathers powers over the 7 elements. When it awakened he could not control it, and since no one expected it no one was safe. Even his father, the king of the elemental dragons, could not withstand the surprising amount of power the child had. In the end, everything Aaron knew and loved was destroyed by his own powers. He ran off into the forest to train. Since that day, Aaron has gotten control over his powers but because his father had died all elemental dragons now call Aaron king, although he refuses to take the throne. Now he wanders the forests trying to find a meaning in his life.

Re: My InuYasha Role-play

Posted: Nov 27, 2010 7:31am
by InuYasha_fan666
Nice, anyone else?