Kick Start!!!

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Re: Kick Start!!!

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(OOC: Morph!!! Why do you always blame me for everything? And on top of that say I threatened you with bodily harm? =O)

Kel watched as instead of responding to Magnus, Yuki turned her gaze towards the window. Kel narrowed her eyes, a puzzled look on her face when alarm flashed across Yuki's face and she fidgeted more than before, fiddling with her sniper rifle. She turned her puzzled gaze out the window, wondering what had spooked Yuki, seeing nothing she turned back to Yuki and was about to ask, when she heard noise and turned to see that Jack had reappeared. He was carrying food and drinks with him and was now telling Yuki about the resistance and the government's aims. Turning towards him, Kel listened interested, raising her eyebrows on hearing that Jack was in fact Kevin's younger brother. That was something she hadn't known, although there had been rumours that the two were related.
As soon as he'd finished his monologue, Kel turned back to Yuki.
"What did you see out the window?" she asked, unable to help letting a hint of suspicion slip into her voice.
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Re: Kick Start!!!

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She listened to what Jack said but didn't have any more reason to trust it compared to what the government had told her about the resistance. She wasn't hungry and didn't pay attention to the food as it arrived. She was stuck thinking of what would happen when the forces arrived. Where they would be entering from and how they would make their assault. If they were to use some sort of area effect weapon she would have to clear out instantly.

Even though she didn't trust the resistance she felt concerned for Kelandra. She had been so nice to her and Yuki didn't want to see her come to harm. She put second thoughts to how she was going to handle the situation. "The government is going to be arriving in force soon. They're coming to try to recapture me..." She sighed. "Either that or they've decided to finally try to kill me. I should just give myself up. Then no one will need to come to harm." That wouldn't be happening anyway because they had already arived. She heard the clunking noise of frame charges being attached to the walls, doorways and the roof followed by a muffled: "Breach and clear." This of course was followed by the simultaneous explosion, followed by the noise of ropes from forces rapelling in from the roof and hail of suppressed weapon fire. Yuki grabbed Kel and pulled her to the side and away from the firefight. Now relatively safe behind a couch with one hand on Kel she primed and rolled a smoke grenade into the middle of the room with the other.
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Re: Kick Start!!!

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Magnus tuned out what Jack was saying but he did take some of the food. He turned his attention to yuki as she explained about the government forces. The moment the explosions go off Magnus dives out of the way back towards his room getting behind the closest cover he sighed whispering to himself "this is not going to end well hope Kel can keep us alive and well" looks around for Kel right as the second smoke grenade goes off muttering several curses Magnus pulled both of his scimitars from their sheaths and waited not wanting to go charging through the smoke and maybe injuring one of the resistance members
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Re: Kick Start!!!

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((damn..ive having a writers block at the worse possible moment!!!!))
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