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Kick Start!!!

Posted: Mar 07, 2011 12:35am
by The Brown-Eyed Boy
Okay, so i see since i have been gone, the rp forum has gone to :cry: :yawn: :shock: .....well, its not as active as it used to be.......time to give it a kick start!!!!

In the world, people who have powers are feared.....there was a revolution and people with powers are being hunted and killed...and this is happening all over the world. This genocide started when people started using their powers for personal gain and such.....being evil with them....and the everyday Joe the Plumbers started saying kill everyone with powers. 30 years have passed since the hunt, if you have powers, you have to be registered with the government and wear a special bracelet. This bracelet keeps your powers at bay with chemicals injected into you on a regular interval.

There is an underground resistance movement to change the government.....but not everyone with powers want to change the government.....there are mercenary's and government sanctioned assassins who hunt down people from the underground resistance and kill them off.....well, the mercenary's go where ever the highest bidder is, but you get the idea. Also, mercenary's dont wear bracelets.

Keep this in mind......there are rumors that the current leader of some country about the size of the United States is aiming to rule the world and that he has few dark secrets......

Are you trying to change the world? Or do you like your government license to kill? Or are you just in it for the money?

1. Keep everything PG-13
2. Have fun
3. Dont kill someone elses character without their consent
4. This story line is pretty flexible, if you have a good idea, pm me and i will tell you what i think and if it fits the story
6. Please, 3 characters max
7. Mercenary's are a middle ground and can choose to go to one of the 2 sides later in the rp, but once they choose, they have to stay there
8. You can choose to be someone who has a bracelet, but depending on the how the rp is going, i may have one of the sides approach you and make an offer to you, and force you into choosing a side.....and i apologize ahead of time for someone who i put in this position.
9. No short posts. Each post must be at least 4 sentences in length. I know that this isnt exactly a paragraph, but I think it is a nice compromise.

Also, i need a right hand person for Jack and Kevin

Resistance Right Hand Person:

Government Right Hand Person:

Character Sheets:
Side: (Resistance, Bracelet, Mercenary, or Government)
Weapons: (if any)
Appearance: (image preferred)

Name: Jack
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Side: Resistance Leader
Weapons: Knives and daggers
Abilities: He can use the Shadows for pretty much, everything.....he can hide, travel and attack with them
Bio: He runs the Resistance movement and has a genius mind for strategy and war. He has been compared to the former Resistance leader and founder Zach and told that he will never be as good as he is determined to prove people wrong.
Appearance: ... s/RPC1.jpg

Name: Kevin
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Side: Government Leader
Weapons: Staff
Abilities: He has control over plant seeds, making them grow at will....he has also made genetically mutated seeds that do all sorts of things....but no one knows this...just thought i'd tell you guys now so i dont get accused of godmodding later
Bio: He has a dark history that he has never told anyone((even me))
Appearance: ... Wolf-1.jpg (without the sword)

Re: Kick Start!!!

Posted: Mar 07, 2011 5:38pm
by spacegy4
I would consider being involved. I would greatly prefer if it was a requirement to have at least a paragraph length for posts. I just hate short posts with a passion.

Re: Kick Start!!!

Posted: Mar 07, 2011 5:51pm
by The Brown-Eyed Boy
YES!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for pointing that out space......i will add that into the rules right away!!! I forgot how much i hated shorts posts

Re: Kick Start!!!

Posted: Mar 07, 2011 9:06pm
by spacegy4
Well you have me on board then I guess. when do we start

Name: Yuki Mura
Gender: Female
Side: Ex. government assassin. neutral
Powers: Eagle vision and improved agility
Weapons: Suppressed USP tactical .45
Suppressed custom short barrel SR-25 MK 11 Mod 0

Bio: Early in her military career as a covert sniper in the Japanese army she was picked to serve in the Special Operations Group. After a number of years in successful service to the Japanese Special Operations Group (Japan's Delta Force) she was discharged without any notice. Before she realized what had happened and while she was wondering as to why they had kicked her out she was recruited by the government to be an assassin yet again. When she asked the government why she was discharged from the special forces they told her that it was merely a reassignment and the suspicion of discharge was falsely founded. This made her suspicious and much more cautious around her new job. Her work for this organization was different. This time it was much more clandestine and secret than before. She was told that she was killing targets that were coldblooded murderers. She was also told that these were people with unusual powers and that a side affect of having these powers turned them into mindless killers.

On one of her operations something unusual happened. She could see her target over a huge distance and made what should have been an impossible shot. After she returned from the assignment suspicion that she somehow had powers was aroused. She was told by her superiors that some tests would need to be performed on her and that she wouldn't be harmed in the process. She discovered almost too late that they were actually planned on killing her and narrowly escaped after she secured her combat gear and weapons. After the incident the government constantly tried to track her down and send numerous assassins to try to do what they had failed to do the first time. Eventually her hate grew for her previous employers as they tried harder to hunt her down. She didn't belong to the government or the resistance and refused to claim allegiance to either until one of them explained what was going on. She wanted to find out how and why she got her powers and why they hadn't manifested until then.


Re: Kick Start!!!

Posted: Mar 08, 2011 4:39pm
by The Brown-Eyed Boy
ideally, i would like to wait until the weekend to see if other people join, but if wanna start now, then go ahead

Re: Kick Start!!!

Posted: Mar 08, 2011 6:38pm
by spacegy4
[feel free to drop your characters near her and do whatever. also other people please join in!]

Yuki was tired after a long day of being chased. The government had done something different than they had ever done before. They sent two sniper teams to take her down. She spotted one in the distance and moved to engage. While she was taking aim to take out one of them she was flanked by the other. She fired and managed to take one down but failed to notice the other. A shot rang out. It couldn't have been from her because it was from an unsuppressed rifle. Yuki was hit in the side by a sniper round and turned to face the new threat. Grimacing in pain at being shot she managed to take cover behind a thick decaying concrete wall as further shots ensued and pounded against the cover.

Re: Kick Start!!!

Posted: Mar 08, 2011 10:30pm
by The Brown-Eyed Boy
((Yes, everyone, feel free to make a character and jump in at any time))

Kevin was getting tried of playing cat and mouse with Jack. He had been a thorn in Kevins side for too long. Jack needed to die since he didnt want to join him.

One of the snipers spoke up. "Sir, it seems we found the girl the Japanese government was looking for. We sniped her in the side. What would you like us to do about her?"

Kevin grinned. Two prizes in one day. "We take the girl and then claim we killed her. From what I've heard, she has useful abilities and they work excellent with guns. Dont kill her, or I will kill you. I'm going down there directly. An injured girl and weakened Jack shouldnt be a problem for me." He opened a pouch and grabbed a hand full of seeds and threw them. They made a loud pop and many vines started growing. The vines linked together to make what appeared to be a makeshift zip line. He clipped himself on the vine and started heading down to his prizes.

Jack swore. Snipers. Well, if he was lucky, he might be able to get up there and back....but he was swill drained from that last fight. He materialized from out of the shadows next to Yuki in a sitting position, not knowing she was there and started talking to himself. "Well Jack old boy, looks like this is it. No one here to save you now." He started examining himself. "Well, it seems I got a broken ankle and a few busted ribs. I've been in worse, but I always had backup. And...." He looked over at Yuki, finally noticing her. "Hullo there. Didnt even see you. Do you mind if I hide here with you? Or is there only enough cover for one here?" She looked familiar, but he couldnt place her at the moment.

Re: Kick Start!!!

Posted: Mar 09, 2011 9:16am
by spacegy4
She was surprised and somewhat frightened as the man materialized out of the shadows next to her. She nearly instantly realized who it was. It was the leader of the resistance. She had tried to kill him multiple times but it was from such a distance that he probably didn't have a good idea of who she was. She had also succeeded in killing a number of people that were probably working under him for the resistance. Ever since she had escaped from the government she had wanted to confront him and get some questions answered. Unfortunately now wasn't the time because they weren't at all safe. She didn't trust him either. "This isn't a hiding place anymore. If you stay here you will end up being shot in the crossfire. We need to talk but now isn't a good time." She tried pushing off to slide along the ground into a new hiding place which would give a good view of her previous resting place. She wasn't nearly as mobile as she was uninjured and as she had done she could only really do as much as push off and slide along.

Re: Kick Start!!!

Posted: Mar 09, 2011 9:51am
by The Brown-Eyed Boy
Jack smiled. "Okay girl." Jack started looking around for something. "Okay, here is the plan." He pointed a finger over to a ruined building. "Go to that building and stand in the shadows. That is the important thing. Stand in the biggest shadow you can find. A bigger shadow means easier traveling for me. If you can get there, I should meet you over there and then I can take us someplace safe. If you have any better ideas, tell me now. I should be able to hold off everyone until then."

Kevin reached the bottom of the line and landed on the ground. He smirked and put on a special pair of sunglasses. This was gonna be easy. He picked a few seeds. With enough power, they would explode and stun anyone who saw them. "Jack....I know you're over here. And you have a friend. Would you like to know how she is? I can tell you all about her and the fact that the japanese government is looking for her. She even tried to assassinate you a few times. I should know, I've even hired her a few times. Be careful she doesnt kill you now that she has a chance." Now that the seeds of doubt have been planted, Jack should try to kill her. He threw a few of the seeds in his hand around the corner and made them explode.
Jack moved the shadows so that Yuki and him were shielded from being stunned. The blast dissipated the shadow. "Damn....only enough for 2 more travels." He sighed and rested for a moment.

Re: Kick Start!!!

Posted: Mar 09, 2011 10:44am
by spacegy4
"I didn't say anything about allying with you so I'm not going anywhere with you! You could at least explain what you want with me." She took a smoke grenade and set it. Following her instincts she tried to crawl away to safety of a nearby building. She hoped that neither of these mysterious individuals would follow her.

Re: Kick Start!!!

Posted: Mar 09, 2011 9:47pm
by The Brown-Eyed Boy
Jack coughed a bit. He hadnt expected this. He was just trying to save her life. Damn....why did she have to be so damn difficult. "I'm just trying to save your freaken life! Besides, dont you owe me for saving your life just now?" Jack knew he was in trouble. Without backup and not much energy left, he couldnt do much against Kevin.


Kevin reached into his pouch and realized it was empty. Kevin's phone started ringing. After a brief conversation, Kevin sighed. "Jack, consider yourself lucky today. Something even more annoying than you has just come up. I gotta leave....but I do hope you enjoy your nice broken ankle. Consider it as a warning: If you ever try to come at me with that weak force again, nothing will keep me from killing you next time. Oh, and enjoy your guest. Try to stay alive so I can be the one to kill you." He made a hand signal and a chopper came down and he got on it.

Re: Kick Start!!!

Posted: Mar 10, 2011 2:23pm
by spacegy4
"I would never owe anything to you or any of your kind! Just all just a bunch of mindless killers so you can say whatever you want." Maybe if she killed him the government would let her rejoin the ranks without continuing to try to kill her. She considered this as an option but thought again of their betrayal. As the helicopter approached the ground the blast of air from the blades dissipated the smoke in short order. With a surge of energy she tried to make an inhuman leap to grab a ledge created by the rubble of the nearby building and pull herself up. Looking down at him she said: "You could at least explain why you chose to interfere here."

Re: Kick Start!!!

Posted: Mar 10, 2011 4:42pm
by The Brown-Eyed Boy
Jack sighed again. "Well, I wasnt trying to interfere with you. Frankly, that is just coincidence. I was interfering with Kevin's plans. Besides, do you want to waste time talking when you're bleeding from the side like that? I know someone who can heal just about everything but missing limbs. Way I figure it, either you can come with me and live or I drag you outta here and you live. I dont care what you do after that. You can go back do doing whatever it is you want. But choose, do you come willingly, or kicking and screaming? I'll tell you more about myself and what I do after you stop bleeding." He hoped this woman would listen to logic this time.


Kevin flew away in his helicopter. He was in a foul mood now. If it wasnt for this snag, he would have been able to rid himself of the resistance leader again. Well, politics were more cut-throat then the resistance. "Politicians who dont agree with me need to be taken care of. I hate outside thinkers."

Re: Kick Start!!!

Posted: Mar 10, 2011 5:15pm
by spacegy4
"Fine." She held her rifle in one hand while taking out some emergency medical gel and applied it to the wound followed by a field dressing. "Where to. I still don't trust you in the least bit so don't try anything. It's just too unusual for you to be like this to someone who has tried to kill you on multiple occasions." She pulled back on the slide on the SR-25 to look inside the chamber to confirm a round was inside and then let it fly closed with a clack.

Re: Kick Start!!!

Posted: Mar 10, 2011 7:11pm
by The Brown-Eyed Boy
"Well, its the closest safe house is about 3 miles away. I can get us about 2.5 miles if we travel by shadow." He paused for moment. "Have you traveled by shadow before? Whatever....the last half mile will be the hardest with me having a broken ankle and you having a hole in your side." He smirked. The first time traveling through the shadows is unsettling. But, he wasnt going to tell her that.

((I wont be posting for Kevin for a while until i can think of the next evil plot))

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Posted: Mar 10, 2011 8:14pm
by spacegy4
"I will only do this traveling by shadow thing if there isn't anything that would surprise me. If it does you might find a hole in your head larger than the one in my side. So warn me first if you think there is anything I should know." She only grew more suspicious of this person the more he spoke. "Also I've had worse wounds than this. Walking on this should be easy." She paused for a moment. "Although I don't know how you will fare."