Hunter x Hunter – A New Beginning

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Hunter x Hunter – A New Beginning

Post by Yellowsakura »

Plot: It's a new beginning for a new group of hunters that form a group and companionship with one another, in journey of completing the Hunter Exam for the beginning of their lives as Hunters.

Technically, the plot starts from there. The Hunter Exam. And then develops from there.

Character Profiles -
Age: (Ages 15-30)
Nen Ability: (Strength, Transformation, Materialisation, Manipulation and Specialisation)
Weapons: (2 only – Can be 2 weapons as a pair)
Hunter Contestant ID: (Make up any number under 100)
Bio: (One Paragraph doesnt need to be that long, just a paragraph. not one sentence.)
Appearance: (picture, description or link is fine)

My Character Profile -
Name: Sasune Ai
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Nen Ability: Materialisation
Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Needles and Thread
Hunter Contestant ID: 72
Bio: Sasune's parents passed away long ago. She had a younger sister which she had to take care of from infancy but had been killed by a group of assassins known as the Shadows. She is taking the Hunter exam in reason of becoming a Blacklist Hunter to search for the ones that killed her sister.
Appearance: ... gnarok.jpg
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Re: Hunter x Hunter – A New Beginning

Post by EddieDiaz »

Name: Kyza Banks
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nen Ability: Transformation
Weapons: Double Swords ... pg?9173235
Hunter Contestant ID: 18
Bio: Kyza's mother died giving birth to him. Kyza's father treated Kyza as if he was a slave, he abused him and mistreated him and at the age of 14 Kyza snapped and killed his father ever since his been on his own. He's taking the exams because he really has nothing else going for him and he wants to be a part of something. Kyza's nen ability allows him to transform to an even stronger form and he calls it "Demon Form"
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Re: Hunter x Hunter – A New Beginning

Post by Nyko »

(If you don't mind I'd like to play a original character and one I made.)

Name: Kurapica.
Age: 17.
Gender: Male.
Nen Ability: Gugenka and Tokushitsu.
Weapons: Kurapica made a type of weapon stretching from the five fingers on chains to his right wrist made especially made for the revenge on the Genei Ryoden. The chains are: thumb Healing, third finger Immobility, fourth finger Investigation, and little finger Judgement.
Hunter Contestant ID: 42
Bio: A few years before Kurapica became a hunter, he had lived in a tribe of Kuruta. The Kuruta were his true clan, but the Kuruta had a legendary treasure. It was their eyes. Their eyes would turn a scarlet color when angry or in great agitation. Collectors around the world craved to get their hands on these eyes, and so a group called the Genei Ryoden came killed all the Kuruta and took their eyes... all except Kurapica. After that, he swore to avenge all of them and went to become a hunter to capture the Genei Ryoden.
Appearance: Kurapica

Name: Aurora Borealis.
Age: 16.
Gender: Female.
Nen Ability: Specialisation - She can heal wounds by singing.
Weapons: Two Chakrams on seperate chains. One chain is longer than the other.
Hunter Contestant ID: 67
Bio: She grew up with her uncle. Her parents and past are unknown to her, she went on the adventure to find out more about herself. Her hair glows when she sings and she changes her hair color a lot. She loves blue and magenta. Shes shy about her powers, but is more than willing to help out.
Appearance: Aurora
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