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Ghost in the Shell: Inception

Posted: Jun 03, 2011 10:43am
by Naota 261
Major rappelled down the smooth curving wall shear will a drop of over 500 meters. She rips through the ventilation shaft with an EM field neutralizing the camera and laser system. Sliding down the shaft she then wedges her arms and legs to the side stopping her descent right before an industrial fan. Her eyes gauge the tips of the blades rotating approximately 12532.35 meters/sec and her hands detach from her wrists and extended ( via platinum celluide fiber cabels) to engaging the ends of two opposite blades intertwining the cables until the tension stops the blade and the major slips through.

--a technician notes the decreased ventilation speed--

As she falls further the steam gets more and more intense, her thermal vision sensors become overwhelmed and she’s forced to switch to gamma vision. She dives into the thick bath as quietly as possible.

-- a technician notes the change in solvent concentration—

Climbing out of the bath the major notes acidic deformation of her body armour and she thermally increases body temperature burning off the solution.

--a technician notes the temperature anomaly and decides to send bots to check out the chamber—

‘Batoa bots are being dispatched to my location, intersect them’

Ghost in the Shell: Inception
The division between dreams and reality become blurred when a new breed of hackers called Dream Inceptors or D.I. begin infusing their ideas into public uncousoiusness. Public Security Section 9 must stop them.

Re: Ghost in the Shell: Inception

Posted: Jun 03, 2011 10:45am
by Vash/Knives
‘On it!’
P90 in hand Batoa snipes the two bots from above a hidden platform and pounces down mashing his fingers under the door from where the bots emerged and tears the hinges off spraying the room with bullets. As expected several medal bodies clash on the floor, unsightly metal gears clinging to cold steel. While jumping onto a platform he shoves a metal robot corpse off and the factory belt continues showing no change in mass. Batoa is transported to the heart of the factory. At first his eyes are naturally distracted by all the industrial saws, hammers, and furnaces respectively tearing, smashing, and burning everything on the factory belts. Stop. Focus. His eyes scan the room for bio life and security bots, nothing it’s safe to grapple to the rafters--*~~##-- seeing nothing but static Batoa falls to the floor, his body quivers from the jolt his left hand near paralyzed because it held the grapple gun. The rafters electricity was suppose to be shut off... Something’s wrong... Batoa’s factory belt speeds up;;; ‘Major their on to us’

Re: Ghost in the Shell: Inception

Posted: Jun 04, 2011 5:18am
by spacegy4
[wow. you two are the people I would least expect to see back on this forum. It has been literally forever. would you guys like to reboot that vampire thread from way back?]

Re: Ghost in the Shell: Inception

Posted: Jun 05, 2011 6:34am
by Naota 261
[Yea its been awhile... anyway, i was hoping to get this ghost in the shell rpg rolling and will keep it running as long as others want to join, but the idea of a reboot of Natural Order does sound tempting, spacegy4 will you consider joining this rpg for now and we will see if theres any other demand for Natural Order?]