Is there going to be anymore more episodes?


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Sakura Saku

Post by Sakura Saku » Aug 21, 2004 5:27am

wow i forgot what to say darn.... :x


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Well i guess they are waitin 4 mor ppl...hey it workt 4 me,cause i found out 3 months lata :D


no they aren't...

Post by otma1918 » Oct 03, 2004 1:50am

it seems y'all missed the announcement, sorry I have to be the one to pass the news along. just fyi, i would keep my eyes on this website i'm pasting from (since url's aren't allowed in guest's posts)for ALL the latest in anime news... just check their homepage for the current news (they are a LOT better than places like anime news network):

Taken from (posted back on 9/7/04)-
"Cartoon Network made some interesting announcements over this past weekend at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. The biggest news was that the network apparently does not plan to license anything past the first 2 seasons (51 episodes) of Case Closed. Airing on weeknights as part of the Adult Swim block, Case Closed has been enjoying better-than-expected ratings, so this news is somewhat of a disappointment.

Cartoon Network also confirmed that they have acquired the rights to air ADV's The Super Milk-chan Show. Look for it to hit the airwaves sometime in 2005."


well, who knows anymore...

Post by otma1918 » Oct 04, 2004 1:16am

just got news that a Funimation rep posted. Apparently, he says that CN has not lost the rights to air Case Closed. That wasn't really the question tho; it's whether or not CN will purchase more episodes to air past 52. The rep didn't address that (yet?) so until something a little more concrete comes out, I still think it's canned.

Got this from the same source I mentioned in my last post.


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I think it's gonna become off air soon too, unfortunately.

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re: Is there going to be anymore more episodes?

Post by asdfsdf » Mar 28, 2005 7:35pm

Yeah... maybe...

But did you know that 52 episodes equals 50 episodes in Japan for Detective Conan? Moonlight Sonata muder and some other episode are 1 hour specials! :shock:

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