Gash Bell RP

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Gash Bell RP

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Alright. This RP was just created, and is therefore still under heavy construction, however, it is up and running regardless! Come and Join!

If you're confused about anything, feel free to ask. I will be happy to help.

The Plot:
According to legend, one thousand years ago, one hundred demon children descended upon the Earth to fight in a battle that has been held for as long as their world has existed. Gash Bell, one of the younger of the Demon children, had paired up with a young teenage human by the name of Kiyomaro Takamine. Together, with the magical energy Kiyomaro supplied to Gash, they won the ancient battle, and Gash became the King of his world.

Those two heroes, while together in our human world, defeated legendary monsters such as the Living Tower Faudo, the the dragon terrorizing South America, and many others. This story has been a legend to the human race for the last 1000 years.

But little do the humans know, this story is much more then a legend. Now, in the year 3005, Demons are once again returning to Earth. Gash Bell's reign as king has come to an end, and the time to select a new one has come. Who will be the next king of the Demon world? Who will be the next legend of the Human World?

Will it be you?

Join the Battle.
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Re: Gash Bell RP

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lol I'll join
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Re: Gash Bell RP

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yea this should be in the rp section
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