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Re: Wind Momodo

Posted: Jul 08, 2006 7:07am
by kekiko67

Re: Wind Momodo

Posted: Aug 12, 2006 11:51pm
by kekiko67
i can see it know.....

*kiyo,megumi,zatch and tia walking in the park*

Kiyo:ah its such a nice day

megumi:sure is!!


tia: i agree :P

*megumi and kiyo look at eachother and smile*

megumi:so what do you want to do?

kiyo:i don't know

*the slowly reach hands but pull them back and blush*

megumi:lets just continue walking through the park :oops:

kiyo:um.....yeah :oops:

*tia reachs for zatchs hand*

zatch:hey look a yellowtail!

*zatch runs off and tia falls in the mud and gets mad*
tia:ZATCH!!! :x :evil: :x

*runs over and strangles zatch and eido comes up*

Eido: hey its megumi!! :love: :love:

*sees kiyo with her*

eido:hey what are you doing here get away from my future girlfriend!! :evil:

megumi:futre girlfriend!?! :pale:

kiyo: :sick:

Eido: :x

*chases after kiyo*

kiyo:AHHHH hey its not my fault !!!!

*eido chases kiyo into his house and runs over to megumi*

Eido:hi your going to be my new girlfriend!

*tries to kiss her*

megumi :shock: :pale: you pervert!!

*plows him into the ground and walks off

eido;gee talk about tough love!!

kiyo and megumi eventally went steady and tia and zatch won the battle and became the mamodo queen and king.and eido never idolized megumi again

*note:not all events are true kiyo wouldn't of ran all the way home and eido....would probaly try to kiss megumi so yeah......*

sorry about he long build up!