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i have a question for everyone does anyone know all of zolo's attacks and what they do if you know plz email me and let me know them im really interested in his style and i just an a big samurai fan so yeah thanks bye bye


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Zolo Attacks
Oni Giri- Demon Slash
Tora Gari - Tiger Trap
Sanzen Sekai - Three Thousand Worlds (used only once against Mihawk.
Tou Rou Nagashi - Hunting The Wolf/Streaming Wolf Swords (dodging/parrying technique)
Tatsumaki - Dragon Twister
Takanami - Hawk Wave (while airborne, creates a powerful gust of wind to knock opponents over)
Yaki Oni Giri- Burning Demon Slash
Ushibari - Bull Charge (executes a multi-hit running attack with two swords held out like a bull's horns)
Gazami Dori - Crab Grab (all three swords are parallel to the target, suddenly clamping down on it like a crab's claw)
Ittoryu Iai:Shishi Sonson - Lion's Song (using his newfound understanding of his master's words and Kuina's sword, he senses the 'breath' of Mr.1's body and finally manages to cut steel with a single sword strike)
San-Jyuu-Roku Pondo Hou - 36 Pound Cannon (unlike the Takanami/Hawk Wave, this attack uses the air itself to slash the target from a distance using one sword)
Hyaku-Hatchi Pondo Hou - 108 Pound Cannon (same principle as the 36 Pound Cannon using all three swords to create a spiral of air to damage its target)
Niitoryu Iai: Rashoumon (a dual sword drawing technique so powerful it split a train carriage in half)
Gyuuki Yuzume -Cattle Demon Brave Hoof
Karasuagari - Demon Crow/Raven Hunt (a flying multiple slash technique)
Nana-Jyuu Pondo Hou - 72 Pound Cannon (same principle as the 36 Pound Cannon using two swords)

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roronoa_Zolo

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