Ideal dub voices

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Ideal dub voices

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If there was another dub who would you like to see cast?

Luffy-Tom Kenny (Spongebob)
He'd make an excellent Luffy, in fact when I read the manga I pictured him with a voice like Spongebob's but slightly lower and less like a girl (more like Jake Spidermonkey from My Gym Partner's a Monkey). But I'd also take Billy West in a heartbeat

Zoro-keep Mark Diason (same as 4kids)
He's actually a good VA hes just screwed over by crappy dialogue and voice directing. Another pick would be Travis Willingham (Roy Mustang-FMA)

Sanji-Steven Jay Blum (Spike-Bebop, Mugen-Samurai Champloo)
He seems like the perfect Sanji. His voice as Kazuma from s-CRY-ed seems like a great fit for him.

Ussop-Vic Mignogna (Ed Elric-FMA)
Hmmm... Ussop is a tough one. I think he's the best fit I can see. But if Mel Blanc was still alive, I'd have him as Ussop

Nami-Cynthia Cranz (Botan-Yu Yu Hakusho)
She sounds like what I imagined Nami like.

Tony Tony Chopper-Aaron Dismuke (Alphonse-FMA)
Seems like he'd make a good Chopper IMO. My second pick is Tara Strong (Timmy-Fairly Oddparents). I'd settle for Lisa Ortiz (the 4Kids VA) too if she wasnt so nasally at times

Nico Robin- Wendee Lee (Faye-Cowboy Bebop)
I've always pictured Robin with Wendee Lee's voice, and it seems like a good fit. 2nd pick is Lydia MacKay (Trisha Elric/Sloth-FMA)

Franky-Crispin Freeman (Alucard-Hellsing, Hideki-Chobits, Ebisu-Naruto)
He's perfect for Franky

Vivi-Kate Higgins (Sakura-Naruto)
Seems like an awsome enough fit

Mihawk-Antonio Banderas
'nuff said

Ace-Justin Cook (Yusuke-YYH)
Seems like a great fit to me

Arlong-Dameon Clarke (Perfect Cell-DBZ, Scar-FMA)
His Perfect Cell voice sounds IDENTICAL to Arlong's japanese VA

Buggy-Mark Hamill
The Joker, that simple

Smoker-Steve Blum
This time with a voice more like Zabuza instead of Kazuma. Kevin Conroy (Batman) would kick ass too

Kuro-Scott McNeil
Seems kinda obvious to me

Fattie Alvida-Wendy Powell (Envy-FMA)
Something about Envy's voice seems right for her

Hottie Alvida-Laura Bailey (Lust-FMA)
'nuff said

Mr. 1-Kevin Michael Richardson
Once again, nuff said

Mr. 2/Bon Clay-Tom Kenny
Doubling up for him will work, he's played homosexual-esque chars and he can give him a different emphasis than Luffy

Mr. 5-Phil LaMarr (Green Lantern, Samurai Jack)
His Jack voice would be perfect

Mr. 7-Seth MacFarlane (using Stewie-esque voice and saying "Great!" a lot)
That would rock

Mr. 8-same as dub (with a little more "maa maa maa")

Mr. 9-Eric Stuart (James-Pokemon)
LOL his James voice would be perfect for Mr. 9

Spandam- Dan Castalaneta (Homer)
He is possibly the only human being who would be able to do Spandam well

I'll think of some more later
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Re: Ideal dub voices

Post by Elf Princess Warrior »

These are some good ideas. I also think Andrew Francis (Genki of Monster Rancher, Dilandau of Escaflowne) would be a good voice for Luffy. When I read the manga, I heard Genki and Dilandau's voice when reading Luffy's dialogue.
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