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Re: LUFFY's DESIRED CREW *spoilers*

Post by Mrs.RoronoaZoro »

Read the manga to get your facts straight. That's all I have to say.

Brook's a different kind of swordsman compared to Zoro, so...I doubt Zoro'll really have a problem with him. Besides, Brook seems to care more about Laboon than about his swordsmanship. If anything, the only person who has beef with Brook is Sanji...b/c Brook's a bit of a perv sometimes. (as much as we've seen him at liesure. XD that was funny)

Gosh, I love me some One Piece.

Oh, and people can't help it if they have swords in their anime, it's part of their culture (maybe not completely, but it's in their history). I mean, why do you think Americans have so much of -insert american stuff here- in their cartoons or shows. I mean...why must you complain about something that can't be chagned?
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