One Piece Movie 8; DUBBED & UNCUT

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One Piece Movie 8; DUBBED & UNCUT

Post by Yami Haga-Ryuzaki »

FUNimation announced that they're going to dub the 8th movie and release it on DVD and selected cinema's sometime in February, and it will be totally UNCUT - so their ad' tells us.
So that would mean full blood and gore, knives, explosions, nami chest shots and of course -

What are your thoughts?


YES! YES! YES! YES! xDDD Okay, so I'm disappointed they didn't start with the first movie - but this way I can see what Alabasta would've looked like if FUNi dubbed it instead of 4morons.
I hope this means they'll dub all the movies from here on in... x3

I can't wait to see Bon Clay dubbed by FUNi. He's mah fave~ =D Oh! and the Usopp/Chopper vs. Mr 4 and Miss Merry Christmas scene with his big speech! xDD
Can't wait for that February.
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Re: One Piece Movie 8; DUBBED & UNCUT

Post by cheetahfear »

i wish they would dub the episode and do you know where i can watch either good dubbed or subbed episodes.
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Re: One Piece Movie 8; DUBBED & UNCUT

Post by Elf Princess Warrior »

I think its great that Funimation now dubs One Piece, the series and the 8th movie. 4kids was horrible! :club: What were they thinking? :twitch:
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Re: One Piece Movie 8; DUBBED & UNCUT

Post by dirkcutler »

I am excited with the released of One Piece Movie 8 being dubbed and uncut. Please keep us updated. Thanks.
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