One Piece question

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One Piece question

Post by Elf Princess Warrior »

So, Buggy's red clown nose. Is it a fake? And if so, has he/or will he ever take it off so we can see his entire face? I'm just curious to know what he looks like.

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Re: One Piece question

Post by ZANMATO!! »

I think it's not a fake...if your reading a manga, Buggy has it ever since he is a child...
and I don't think he will remove it.

Well, that was just my opinion

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Re: One Piece question

Post by Yami Haga-Ryuzaki »

that my dear, is his real nose. that's why he gets so angry when people insult him for it looking fake - because it's his real nose.
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Re: One Piece question

Post by Kyro »

Yep. Its real. Silly. But real. I guess that just makes him more fun <3
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