all of the straw hat crew

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all of the straw hat crew

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this is the entire crew as far as the important people go, some of them do contain spoilers and im not quite sure which network it is following (i think 4kids)

Monkey D. Luffy (Captain) [spoiler]some of you may know but luffy and his older brother Portgas D. Ace may be related to Gold Roger becuase his real name is Gol D. Roger[/spoiler]
Roronoa Zoro / Roronoa Zolo (Swordsman and First Mate)

Nami (Navigator)

Usopp (Sniper/Backup Captain)

Sanji (Cook)

Tony Tony Chopper (Doctor)

Nico Robin (Archaeologist)[spoiler][/spoiler]
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re: all of the straw hat crew

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No way. :o Thats is soo cool.
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re: all of the straw hat crew

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