Your Porno Name

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Battousai The Manslayer
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Re: Your Porno Name

Post by Battousai The Manslayer »

Whoa, easy there buddy.
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Kuroi Shinzou
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Re: Your Porno Name

Post by Kuroi Shinzou »

eather way, mine would be:

shadow ruby

not a good porn name but pretty cool in it's own right.
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Re: Your Porno Name

Post by WAKAI_sukebe »

Homunculus Pride wrote:YOUR ALL MORONS *laughts really hard he cant breath* thats not your porn name *keeps laughting* THATS YOUR DRAG NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *LAUGHTS SO HARD HIS LIVER EXPLODES*
i shall call you hall precumm
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Re: Your Porno Name

Post by º-Tenshi_Karasu-º »

carefull with the flames ppl.

well, depending if u refer to my first family pet and the first street i lived it would be:

Smartie Mosca (wtf?? mosca=fly, yeah the bug eeww)

if it was MY first pet and the several streets i live in now (yeah plural, i never stay in the same place threw out the year) that would be:

Ruby Caima
Ruby Xarafe
Ruby Penha

Ruby (j/k)
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The Evil Russell Crowe
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Re: Your Porno Name

Post by The Evil Russell Crowe »

'Lucius Stardust' for me.
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Aoi Sakuraba
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Re: Your Porno Name

Post by Aoi Sakuraba »

this is quite confusing because I've never had a pet and I've moved alot so I don't have any clue what street I first lived on
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Re: Your Porno Name

Post by scorpionwarrior »

Mine is Sharla Angus, how embarrassing. XD
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Re: Your Porno Name

Post by Bovinagina »

I must add mine may have to be Cherry Candy.

More like a stripper name but same.
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Re: Your Porno Name

Post by Goldenwolf »

Asia Manners :O Im a polite porn star
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Re: Your Porno Name

Post by Nathan~Chevalier »

.... let me remember... Bandit Tigris, god that sounds lame
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Yodama Man
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Re: Your Porno Name

Post by Yodama Man »

Maggie Route#2...I rock.
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Re: Your Porno Name

Post by Aiden »

If I were a man mine would be.....

Duscan Mandic. (pronounciation: Douche on Man dick) yeah that's exact.
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Re: Your Porno Name

Post by Seras »

It's either Abby Knollwood or Pumpkin Knollwood.
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Re: Your Porno Name

Post by Tsukasa »

Rahja applewood

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