Worth watching? or not?

is bleach worth watching?

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Re: Worth watching? or not?

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Yeah you should 100% watch it; I thought it would be no good but I turned out to be new of the best anime I’ve ever watched. I might stat watch death note soon.
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Re: Worth watching? or not?

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Heck yes you should watch it!!!!! Bleach is awesome
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Re: Worth watching? or not?

Post by DJ ÑÎÑJÅ »

Depends on your cup of tea. Even in fighting anime, it STILL depends.

Some prefer Yu Yu Hakusho's more dark plot, or say Dragonball Z's more over-the-top action. It all just depends on the person. Which is why I find this thread utterly useless.
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Re: Worth watching? or not?

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In a way, Bleach is a rip off of Yu Yu Hakusho.
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