im confused <.<

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Re: im confused <.<

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yeah so true I agree Tsukiyumi but I won't blame cody for being confussed at first I was also confussed when I first saw it.^^
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Re: im confused <.<

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Umm.. dude. Please for the love of god change your avatar...

Anyways, that firework didn't kill it did it? If not then something else must have killed it right?

(By the way, I like you siggy Tsukiyumi! \:D/ )
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Re: im confused <.<

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:shock: :sick: Please change your avatar....
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Re: im confused <.<

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Yes, please change it.
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Re: im confused <.<

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=P~ yay bouncing breasts... NEway

the soul society is made up of spirit particles and souls right? Shinigami is somewhat like a mix between the two... so thing's that directly affect spirits or such shoulde be able to hit/harm Shinigami

since Ganju's fire works were made from spirit particles it would atleast hit a Shinigami

for example

Byakuya's white lightning attack managed to peirce a hole in Ichigo's shoulder area, that is a concentratrated source of reiatsu, which is a different spirit substance, like Ganju's fire works.
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