Last Episode: Evanescent Encounter

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Last Episode: Evanescent Encounter

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Spoiler!!!! Spoiler!!!!

Do not read the text below if you don't want to know the end of this series...

[spoiler]this is what happened in the end.

jin, mugen, and fuu go to nagasaki or some place (can't remember at the moment) and fuu learns that the sunflower-scented samurai, who is her father, is living on some island off the coast of nagasaki or wherever they are. so, she decides to go alone and leaves mugen and jin waiting for her at the docks. however, the shogunate has learned that the three are searching for fuu's father, who turns out to be a christian (christianity was illegal in japan back then and all the christians were slaughtered by the government). so, they send an assassin named kariya out to kill fuu, jin, mugen, and fuu's father. also, three new bad guys appear early, looking for revenge against mugen. ... e24-23.jpg ... e24-20.jpg

while waiting at the docks for fuu to return, jin and mugen meet kariya who tells them he has to kill them. they fight and kariya beats them. first, mugen loses and jin tells him to go the island to protect fuu because he believes she is in danger. while mugen goes to the island, jin stays and fights with kariya. here, you learn that jin's master was forced to kill jin by the shogunate so they could turn his dojo into a dojo for assassins like kariya. jin's master didn't want that to happen, but it was the shogunate so he had to kill jin. he knew jin was stronger than him so he tried to kill him while he slept, but jin awoke and stabbed his katana through his master, killing him. the battle at the docks between jin and kariya ends with kariya slashing jin and jin falling into the water. kariya gets on a boat and heads to the island where fuu is. ... e25-39.jpg

on his way to the island, mugen is attacked by one of the three men looking for him. he manages to kill the man and washes up to shore. he then goes into a church and finds the other two men have captured fuu and are trying to get her to tell them where mugen is. they see mugen and a battle ensues between one of the men who uses a scythe and mugen. you learn that the three men used to be part of the navy, but their ship was attacked by mugen and his pirate buddies and the three men were disabled (not necessarily disabled; i just can't find the right word) so they want revenge. while fighting, mugen frees fuu and continues his fight. ... e25-34.jpg

fuu, who has been freed, goes up to the cabin where her father is supposed to be and meets his father's caretaker. he leads fuu inside, where she has a short but meaningful conversation with her father. outside, kariya is coming up the hill towards the cabin. fuu leaves the cabin and goes with her father's caretaker while kariya comes inside. he speaks to fuu's father then kills him.

kariya then leaves the cabin and is about to kill fuu when he sees jin (whose clothes are torn up with his hair is down) coming up the hill. he releases fuu and has a short battle with jin. in the end, kariya stabs his sword through jin, but jin unsheathes his knife (i can't remember what they're called, but it's the other little sword samurai usually carry with them; not the katana) and stabs it into one of kariya's vital organs. this move was, i think, the last thing jin's master taught him. kariya dies and jin falls. ... e26-32.jpg

while jin and kariya were fighting, mugen is caught offguard by the third man looking for him. the man shoots him with a gun then reveals he has dynamite all around him. mugen knocks most of the dynamite away, but one stick is blown up. while unconscious, mugen is visited by the people with the raggedy clothes from episode 14, when he was half-dead. he decides he wants to keep living and wakes up in fuu's father's cabin beside jin. ... e26-36.jpg

the two men eat breakfast then go outside to finish their duel from the first episode. both of them run at each other and swing their swords. their swords collide and break in half. since their swords have broken, they decide to stop fighting, making fuu happy. in the end of the final episode, the three main characters stand in front of a three-way rode and go down each one alone. before the three head off, though, fuu reveals that when she flipped the coin at the end of the first episode, it came up heads, meaning that jin and mugen never had to go with her in the first place. jin and mugen sound angry, but smile when fuu walks off on her path. while the credits role, it shows them going down the different paths. ... e26-43.jpg

also, at the end, jin is wearing a plain gray gi (i think that's what their called) and isn't wearing his glasses; mugen is wearing the same clothes, except for that bandana or whatever with the triangles on it, but has a new European-style sword; fuu is still the same.

damn that took a while. i think i just retold most of the last three episodes, which are called Evanescent Encounter Parts 1, 2, and 3.[/spoiler]
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re: Last Episode: Evanescent Encounter

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I was sad when the series ended. :cry: But the ending song was horrible. :?


re: Last Episode: Evanescent Encounter

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I finally caught it volume 7 just showed up yesterday at my house! Yay!

I really dug the left many doors open for new adventures if the creators want to do so.
One can only hope.... :lol:

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re: Last Episode: Evanescent Encounter

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Eh... who cares...

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