exactly why .......

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Sparks of Dead Flames
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exactly why .......

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hey um exactly why di lil slugger become a murderer :twisted:
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Re: exactly why .......

Post by Panda* »

Uhh he's a paranoia agent not a murderer. Don't really know yet why, watch more.
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Re: exactly why .......

Post by Xiam »

Delancey_15 wrote:Uhh he's a paranoia agent not a murderer. Don't really know yet why, watch more.


Lil' Slugger doesn't exactly murder people - at least, not until the population's paranoia starts fueling him and making him stronger and more dangerous.

And he doesn't really have a motivation... [spoiler]He's not even a real person, so he really can't have a personality, let alone a motivation.[/spoiler]

re: exactly why .......

Post by Izumi »

The nature of Lil' Slugger is exactly as the show's title implies... he's an agent of paranoia. Through him, people's paranoia, anxiety and depression can be physically manifested.

re: exactly why .......

Post by Gambit »

Hm interesting I always just thought he came and killed miserable people who were wishing for death.

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Sasami Jurai
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re: exactly why .......

Post by Sasami Jurai »

Yeah, he doesn't kill. He just hit paranoid people with his golden bat. :crazy:
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re: exactly why .......

Post by Nathan~Chevalier »

Did show has many strange twist and turns, you cant figure it out by asking, you have to figure them out yourself like i did.
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Re: exactly why .......

Post by TintaSerpentGoddess »

He isn't a murderer...
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Re: exactly why .......

Post by blue crow »

haku_luver132 wrote:He isn't a murderer...

yea,hes a hiter
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Re: exactly why .......

Post by willphanto1 »

He didn't actually killed people until like the last 1/3 of the series.

[spoiler]When he came for his copycat he killed him, And after that he started actually killing people.[/spoiler]
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Krimmu Za Rabbitto
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Re: exactly why .......

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Yeah,he right then.
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Ethereal Blaze
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Re: exactly why .......

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Lil Slugger doesn't exist per sé. the wholse idea of Paranoia Agent is to show us, the viewer, that mental illness is more common than we think. kinda like, if we will a way out of this world, it will come. in this case, the form of Lil Slugger.
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Re: exactly why .......

Post by Baby Duck »

Holy [censored] you guys have insight.... Maybe i should of watched the entire series Blown outta my mind, that would have made more sense.
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