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I have a few questions

Posted: Apr 02, 2008 9:16am
by zorgblar
1.What scared maniwa so bad in the last few seconds of the last episode?
2.How did the kid in episode 5 and the old man know each other?
3.In th last episode is littel slugger suppose to be traped in that big picture screen as that cat?Because if you listen very closely you can hear the cat say the words"let me out!"
4.What was the deal with episode 7 when maniwa is staring at the old man in the hospital and then he sees double of him and then what looks like a light goes inside of his face?
5.In episode 12 how did those dolls give maniwa all of that information if that was just happening inside of his head and wasn't real?I didn't get that.
6.How did that guy in episode 12 make all of those dolls of all of the people in episodes 1-11 who had been attacked by littel slugger if he wasn't there to witness it?
7.Who was leaving ichy all of those letters in episode 2?
8.How did the kid in episode 5 know all of the people in episodes 1-5?Is that because he had attacked them all and that's how he knew them?
9.Is littel slugger real or just in people's heads?I couldn't tell by how episode 13 ended and that was the last episode so it left me confused.By the way.What episodes do you think support the idea that he is real and what episodes do you think support the idea that he is just in people's heads and why?
10.In episode 11 maniwa's partner is talking to a guy at the end of that episode and then later he just dissappears.Was that guy just in his head?And in episode 13 was maniwa's partner really stuck in that other reality or was that just in his mind?
11.What made maniwa go crazy at the end of episode 7?
12.Why does maniwa have white hair at the end of episode 13?