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I have three questions

Posted: Apr 02, 2008 8:14pm
by zorgblar
1.I heard that littel slugger was possessing the kid in episodes 4-7 and that's why he hit all of those people on the head with his bat.Is that true? :|
2.I heard someone say that they thought maniwa was really the one who killed the kid in the cell in episode 7 because he got so fixed on littel slugger that he later became littel slugger in hs own mind and that when they saw littel slugger go through the wall it was suppose to just be in their heads.What do you think about this idea?I am not sure. :|
3.I heard that somewere there is a version of episode 7 that shows littel slugger going half way through the bars to kill the kid in the cell.Is that true? :|