I get it now!!!

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I get it now!!!

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I'm not telling though(hehehe)anybody else think they know what the heck is going on?
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re: I get it now!!!

Post by Iri »

some sort of figure comes and hits ppl who have been driven into a corner...*whisper* no where to go....

and the other guy was a fake so he was killed by the figure and went through a wall. but it's still confusing
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re: I get it now!!!

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Lil' slugger. He is said to be...[spoiler]a holy warrior from a video game. He is stuck in a fantasy world. I got some of my information from here. paranoiaagent.com[/spoiler]

Re: I get it now!!!

Post by black_kitten_fairy »

I'm sad that the show isn't on anymore. I didn't get to see many episodes...Thanks for the spoiler though. ^_^
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