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I think you guys are getting a little off topic.

No disrespect but I would love to here any insight you have on the episode. Feelings, thoughts, theories, anything at all.

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re: confusing episode

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re: confusing episode

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hmm.... :-k suicide can be fun!
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re: confusing episode

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I thought the episode was an interesting one, indeed. I mean, you don't know until near the end that "FOX" was the copycat Lil' Slugger who ends up really whacked by the real one.

I suspect the one called "horse" is Maniwa. Those creepy words he used at the end of episode 7 echo back here.

re: confusing episode

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Yeah, it was strange to find out who "Fox" was. I also found it strange that he was the one giving them all the ideas about how to kill themselves; was this part of the "Holy Warier" thing to. Fuyubachi said "Fox" was a regular in the suicide chat room. strange again. Did he speak to others in the chat room, others who might have made him want to copy-cat Lil Slugger? Could it be possible that he even spoke to Lil Slugger there? And who was that "Horse" guy? (They flashed that chat pretty quick. I had to concentrate to catch it all, and might have missed some.) Could Lil Slugger be "Horse?"

Man, I'm thinking to much. This stuff probably has nothing to do with the episode, but if anybody caught who "Horse" was please post. Thanks.
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re: confusing episode

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i didnt get the end when they got in that picture and the girls in the picture screamed and at the end when they walked down the street and it showed a box of extra thin family condoms :wink:
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re: confusing episode

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Um did it creep anyone out in the end when the old guy was trying to look up the little girls dress?... and the condom thing freaked me out even more (or maybe im just perverted...
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