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re: Kimishima

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I have seen most of the series already up to EP.22 and when Kimishima died I have to admit I almost cryed really sad :cry:. But after this Kazuma takes his one man war aginst H.O.L.Y to a whole new level.
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re: Kimishima

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* reads spoilers* what do those mean? wait... * gasp* NOOO!!! darn...i want Cherise to die...but ive heard her voice from a different show before but where?
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Re: re: Kimishima

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Para_Holy Member wrote:* reads spoilers* what do those mean? wait... * gasp* NOOO!!! darn...i want Cherise to die...but ive heard her voice from a different show before but where?

i hate her too. her voice is from such shows as Digimon
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re: Kimishima

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I like Scheris's voice.

It sounds a bit strange, but yes, I like it.
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Re: re: Kimishima

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Para_Member of Holy wrote:Its still sad Chaos Flame!!! This reminds me of when Hughes died... R.I.P Kimishima... T-T the sad part is i was too stunned of Kimishima's death that i didn't cry... until alittle afterwards...

It's so sad... I cried to like the whole night when Hughes died and I cried for a while when Kimishima died... :cry: my bro was all like I bet he isn't dead and I would have said the same if I didn't know that Kanami was able to read pplz feelings and stuff... so sad..... I hate it when a good person dies... But what I don't understand is why he died, I mean I know he got beat up but not enough for him to die was it? I mean really?
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re: Kimishima

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I :love: U COREY BABY!
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Re: re: Kimishima

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Anonymous wrote:[spoiler]water[/spoiler]

Hints at 2 of the 3 characters that die..well my favorites, anyway.
don't tell me Cougar dies too.
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re: Kimishima

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Kimishima's death was so sad but that is nothing in what happens to other characters. In the last episode my ssecond favorite character dies. That episode still get's me everytime I watch it. It is also sad in what happens to Kigetsuki sure he was a jerk but even he did not deserve what happens to him.

-Also Scheris's voice is not anoying. I have watched the entire series 6-7 times know and her voices is definately not anoying not like Emergy of Kigetsuki's .

re: Kimishima

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I didn't really like the death of Kimishima,
I was really confused after his death, never
did find out how he died. I did stumble across
this webpage and realized it though. Can't link so:
The death is explained at gallery on episode 10-13. Kimishima's bio also explains it.
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re: Kimishima

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KIMISHIMA! when my twin and i saw that episode we couldnt believe it. i didnt cry but she did. it wasnt till next saturday night when it was for sure he was gone that i cried. they didnt give him a good enough death. i so cried when Hughes died. he was one of my favs. i cant wait to see the last episode next saturday night.
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Re: Kimishima

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i can't believe that. he died and kinami was crying.
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Re: Kimishima

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U cried a little Twin, Zabuza's One True Love. But yeah...he wa so sad. I couldn;t hold it back. And they killed him off so early. they didn't give him a respectable death. I was mad at that. but he looked so cute when he was on Kazumas back and then sitting in his car...and it was so sad when KAzumas tried to talk to him in his car. :cry:
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Re: Kimishima

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kimishima,it was sad how he died
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