anyone think

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Chaos Flame

anyone think

Post by Chaos Flame »

anyone think emergy is gonna have problems unlocking his "inner child?"

re: anyone think

Post by Final_Fantasy_Lover »

I don't think so... I mean, he has a Transformer for an alter power...
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Re: anyone think

Post by Nathan~Chevalier »

his alter was kinda ridiculous
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Re: anyone think

Post by Hinata_1 »

Kinda are you kidding me i laughed my rear end of when i seen his alter. i got to admit it was powerfull but come on a transformer Emergy need to grow up and get a life
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Re: anyone think

Post by Morzan »

I thought he had the worst alter next to watermelon man. poor guy...its not like he choose it, but he does seem to have pride in it. I so did the same thing you did Kakashi guy, me and my twin laughed so hard. :D
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