Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Who's death is the saddest

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Gyro Zeppeli
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Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Gyro Zeppeli »

I personally would have to go with Cougar's death. He was my favorite character.
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Dark Wing
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re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Dark Wing »

Personaly all of their deaths were sad but the one that made me cry the most was Scheris's
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re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by anime_luver59 »

I was sad when Cougar died. But I felt tears when Ryuho started to cry *cry*
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re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by vampirelord »

scheris and cougar died? im crying right now :cry:
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re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by <death-chan> »

I thought both Cougar's and Scheris's deaths were sad. Yet, even though i didn't like Scheris very much, i though her death was sadder.
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re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Zabuza's »

I thought Cougar's was the saddest. I mean he died in peace but it was sad. He was one of my favorites. Kimishima's death was sad too. It made me cry. Just the way he died, they didnt give Kimishima a good death at all. If they did i woulda voted for Kimishima.
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re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Nathan~Chevalier »

scheris death was the saddest of them all i cried all night. why did she had to give up her life for that a$$ hole ryuho.and her alter and wings were incredible.
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Ryoji Kaji

re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Ryoji Kaji »

My favortie character was Scheris so my votes on her.
She was the bravest character on the show & when she died I cried just as much as Ryuho.
(I get caught up in the moment sometimes)
The guy could have atleast been alittle nicer to her though. :(
Ryuho's my second favorite & if I was him the series would have ended very differently. :)
I would've beaten Kazuma, not have gotten fatally wounded so Scheris wouldn't die & finally, I would've found away to save Cougar from Mujo.

But one things kind of fishy about Cougar.
After he "dies" I kept seeing him from time to time.
Was he a ghost, resurrected, not actually dead, what?
Blue Haired Jesus
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re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Blue Haired Jesus »

Cougars death was not only sad but humilating. I mean he was killed without even landing so much as a scratch on Mujo. Thats why I concidered it the saddest.
I laughed like a mad psyco when Scheris died.
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re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Neosis »

Unfortunetly they all made me cry except cougars, I didnt really care about that guy.

But if I had to choose, kimishima, he was cool and they killed him. Sunrise you fools!!!
Aia Maaka
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Re: re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Aia Maaka »


* :cry: :cry: :( :cry: :( :cry: *
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re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by DemonNinjaKing »

Scheris was the saddest.I think its some bull%$#@%$#^*!! What a total waste a a hot babe.To think she went unnoticed is kind of fishy to me. ](*,)
Kurokasai Senshu

re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Kurokasai Senshu »

Cougar's and Scheris' deaths were the saddest to me. just because She went out to save a true love *which always gets to me* and then Cougar (he didnt die in the fight against Mujo) just kinda went peacefully with that kinda *one last glimpse at the future, one more tale of the past* kinda look/feeling.
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Re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Hinata_1 »

Scheris Gave herself for true love. i mean she had to love ryuho so much to give her life to him who always disacknowleged any chance for a future with them
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Re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by cuzman »

Cougar's death was the saddest, he was my favorite charcter in the show.
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Re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Morzan »

:cry: My Cougars death was the saddest.....and ryuho's too. It was so sad. Why couldn't they kill Kazuma? Oh, and Kimishima's too. :cry:
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