Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Who's death is the saddest

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Haru the Blood Storm

Re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Haru the Blood Storm »

i would say kimishima's was the saddest the same with scheris'
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Re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Morzan »

Cougar!!! So sad, i know i 've already said it...but still....watching it over again. :cry:
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Eternal Devote
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Re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Eternal Devote »

:cry: Scheris death was the saddest, because she was my favorite character :cry: i cry when ryuho start to ... Her alter is awesome. She don´t deserve to die, Ryuho could have at least been a little nicer to her though :(
Robbie Hendrix
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Re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Robbie Hendrix »

never really like scheris, but her death was obviously was the saddest, but cougar was one of my favorite characters so his death was sad also.
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Re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by kujo.URP »

Kimishima's! it was so sad, kazuma didnt even really realize his friend was dead. he was talking to him and stuff, and kimishima was dead! i cried!
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Aoi Sakuraba
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Re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Aoi Sakuraba »

I think Scheris and Kimishima deaths were the saddest
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Re: Who's Death is saddest?(spoilers)

Post by Krissake »

I think Scheris and Kimishima's deaths were the most heartwrenching. Cougar's death shouldn't be listed since the entire thing was intentionally left ambiguous. The creator and director of Scryed even said that it was up to the fans to decide.
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