The Last Episode of S-CRY-Ed:SPOILERS

There wasn't exactly a clear winner at the end but who do you think won?

Kazuma kicked a$$!
Ryuho was victorious!
Total votes: 14

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Re: The Last Episode of S-CRY-Ed:SPOILERS

Post by Ryukon »

You might want to read my second sentence again...I said that her powers go beyond than just seeing into people's mind since she helped open the door to the Otherside. In other words, she's more powerful than we know and possibly the most powerful.
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Re: The Last Episode of S-CRY-Ed:SPOILERS

Post by Captain Jack Sparrow »

I think kazuma won, I mean he rose his fist at the end for some reason that must have meant something
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Re: The Last Episode of S-CRY-Ed:SPOILERS

Post by FlameAlchemist »

Kazuma kicked butt...end of story
Ryuho should have won tho..
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Re: The Last Episode of S-CRY-Ed:SPOILERS

Post by gremlin_mischief »

I wonder why everyone thinks there was a winner. Even without the part after the credits that shows them in a never-ending and eternal battle (because they're evenly matched), there was a way to tell that neither of them won. The fist that shoots into the air looks a lot like Kazuma's, however, the necklas around Mimori's neck did not disappear - which means Ryuhou didn't die either. As long as they live they'll fight - and Kanami says she kept dreaming - forever - of the battle, which is apparently never-ending and shown after the credits. Though I didn't see it on adult swim so I dunno how they went about showing it. Definitely one of my fav animes so far :)
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