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Who likes s-CRY-ed

Hell yeah
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Motoko Chan
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Post by Motoko Chan »

So,I've seen it,and I've taken a liking to it.I wanna get your opinin on it.
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Chaos Flame

re: s-CRY-ed

Post by Chaos Flame »

hell yeah.
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re: s-CRY-ed

Post by Shining Star »

3 words: It rocks hard!!!!!!!!!
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re: s-CRY-ed

Post by Abby »

its the best show ever
Dark Wing
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re: s-CRY-ed

Post by Dark Wing »

You bet it's the best and it only gets better. :D
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Kou Akabane

re: s-CRY-ed

Post by Kou Akabane »

yup yup s-CRY-eds teh bestest n.n
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Re: re: s-CRY-ed

Post by Panda* »

i find it funny.
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re: s-CRY-ed

Post by WhoWantsToKnow »

I wouldn't say it's the absolute best, but it has definitely piqued my interest. I really want to see more.
Mrs. Vengeance
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re: s-CRY-ed

Post by Mrs. Vengeance »

Freakin' Awesome! :D
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re: s-CRY-ed

Post by kitsune_youkai »

It's a good show. Lots of things are going on so its never dull. :mrgreen:

Re: re: s-CRY-ed

Post by **Luvergurl** »

kitsune_youkai wrote: It's a good show. Lots of things are going on so its never dull. :mrgreen:

Yeah I agree. And its really funny too.
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Re: re: s-CRY-ed

Post by vampirelord »

WhoWantsToKnow wrote:I wouldn't say it's the absolute best, but it has definitely piqued my interest. I really want to see more.

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re: s-CRY-ed

Post by ♥DIVA♥ »

its a very good show.
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Re: s-CRY-ed

Post by Hinata_1 »

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally awsome i wish i had a sequel or that it at least had been longer.
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