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Com'on, Asuka Tachibana is the coolest. At least before and durring his insane period. After he becomes normal again he's a boring smuggler. When he fight Kazuma for the second time he completely blows it. He could have beat him, but he couldn't focus on what he wanted. ](*,)
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The Fat Guy with the watermelons :color: and Kazuma
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i say ryuhou kazuma and tachibana :love: =D>
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My will isn't needed. wrote:Kanami Yuta, she is such a sweetheart ^_^
She's jailbait.

My favorite would have to be Straight Cougar or Kazuma
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Kimishima was one of my favorite characters. That sure didn't turn out well.
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I really liked Ryuho, Kazuma, and Straight Cougar (the lovable speeder xD)
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Gyro Zeppeli wrote:My favorite would have to be Straight Cougar or Kazuma
I agree 100%
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