"Would I make a good moderator?"

"Would I make a good moderator?"

"Yes, you would"
"No, you wouldn't"
"No Opinion"
Total votes: 15

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Re: "Would I make a good moderator?"

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shioricallisto wrote:I really think that you would make a good moderator. I give you a yes. XD :D :) 8) :mrgreen: Go for it. Good luck.
you realize this is the terminated apps right? Twi is no longer applying for mod.
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Re: "Would I make a good moderator?"

Post by Hardcore »

..Good point.
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Re: "Would I make a good moderator?"

Post by shioricallisto »

I agree with Nelly. ...Good Point.
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Re: "Would I make a good moderator?"

Post by scorpionwarrior »

Then why post here o.O
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