Hi... um, heres my application

should i be a moderator

Im still thinking
Total votes: 20

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re: Hi... um, heres my application

Post by Sapphir »

Well Frank, you are a really good friend, and your application was pretty good, but I'm sorry, I have to say no opinion. I don't think you are quiet ready to be a mod. I made an application and alot of people voted for me because they like me, but truly, I don't really deserve to be a mod, I'mm not sure if I have what it takes yet. And I don't think you do either, just give it some more time and I know that you will make a great mod someday, but I don't think right now is the time. I don't mean to be harsh ok?
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re: Hi... um, heres my application

Post by I Am Kira! »

actually Sapphir, i agree. i didnt think or want ppl to vote 4 me cuz they r my friends, i wanted them to vote 4 me cuz they think im good for it. So im glad u were honest with me. thx :mrgreen:
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Re: Hi... um, heres my application

Post by Jade_Steel_Hawk »

I terminated this since there haven't been any posts since '05.
PM me if you'd like it moved back.
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