My moderator application : Faith


Will I make a good moderator?

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My moderator application : Faith

Post by Blind Dragon »

I swear to...first to be connected the most I can and to answer to yer matters of the best of myself, always hear yeh and help yeh.
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Re: My moderator application : Faith

Post by [Batman] »

This isn't an application. It's a one lined convincment. Try looking at other mod apps and see what's wrong with yours.

You're also unknown. You've been here for a bit, but you only have 20 posts. This is the first time i've EVER seen you post.

Atleast make it more reasons and well longed paragraph(s).
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Re: My moderator application : Faith

Post by Lestat69_99 »

No and as always here are numbered reasons...

1~ Way to new, unpack and stay awhile to get used to the people on the site.

2~ You have in no way said how you will be able to help the site.

3~ The poll is done totally wrong....
Read this next time....
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Re: My moderator application : Faith

Post by Pride »

I have to agree with them. You need to read what the webmaster said to do in your application. I'm not going to vote because I believe that you can do better. I think you have been on long enough, but only 20 posts....I think you need to make more posts and rewrite your application. Then I will give you my vote.

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Re: My moderator application : Faith

Post by Lucia Skyfire »

I a refraining from laughing you all of the way out of this application. What the hell? I need to put forward no further comments this time. I'll end with this: W.T.F?
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Re: My moderator application : Faith

Post by Casshondra »

yes you seem unknown and you have only 20 post