My Moderator Application:Straw Hat

Would I make a good Moderator?

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Re: My Moderator Application:Straw Hat

Post by Winry »

Man, I think StrawHat would be a great mod, and no one should be so rude to him like that. Great job man! I vote Yes! Kudos to u to have the guts to apply for mod!! Good Luck!
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Re: My Moderator Application:Straw Hat

Post by josh »

no :cry:
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Re: My Moderator Application:Straw Hat

Post by Mai »

My mind is moving low, so I didn't get a chance to read through everyone's replies. So if I missed something and repeat myself, I do apologize.

I noticed you said you have previous skills in managing forums. Just to see what you know, I would like to talk to a superior person that you managa with. Its not that I don't believe you, sweet cakes, I just want to see what they have to say about your qualifications and how well they also believe you can handle the job. Think of it sort of as a reference, if you must, lol.

Other then that, it wasn't half bad. A lot better then your last app that I replied on. And it was also stated that you had other apps, but I haven't seen them before. So, so far so good. ^^

Plus, I just want you to know that there are a lot of tough parts on AA, such as The Mindless Chit Chat, Off Topic Discussions and Sub-forums. Other forums are well maintained but these are hard to keep up with.

I'm not too sure if Ken, the webmaster, is looking for any more moderators, but I'll be sure to bring your name up in discussion. I think you have shown me, and others, that you do take it seriously. But, also I think you may have a tough time. Hopefully you can talk to some fellow moderators for some pointers. And, I will only list the ones that are good at their job. Not trying to degrade other moderators, I just think these people represent a lot for AA and are good role models.

And if they are too busy to help, which some are, like my self at times; I wouldn't have a problem showing you some of the tricks and how you can better qualify yourself.

I think you stand a good chance in getting the position, but I can't tell you a yes or no considering I don't make the decision. That's up to Ken, lol.

But hopefully if you do get the time, you can talk to these people for some guidance:

Miss Elizabeth
Pyro Psycho
{Rasengan!}Uzumaki Naruto
Ā·The FragileĀ·

Hope everything turns out well.^^
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Re: My Moderator Application:Straw Hat

Post by Master InuYasha »

Im not sure. soooo im not going 2 vote yet. \:D/ \:D/
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Re: My Moderator Application:Straw Hat

Post by Hardcore »

Terminated because of the authors request.
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