My Moderator Application Baby Duck

Would I make a good Moderator.

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Baby Duck
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Re: My Moderator Application Baby Duck

Post by Baby Duck »

Allright, Sass you got what you wanted with your Nazi sadistic control stranglehold style of Modding. I hereby give permission to any mod to get rid of this applcation, seeing that this whole forum is full of [censored]!
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Re: My Moderator Application Baby Duck

Post by Hardcore »

Aw Gio. Don't terminate it.. ]:
Decisions to decisions are made and not bought, but I thought this wouldn't hurt a lot. I guess not.
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Re: My Moderator Application Baby Duck

Post by SASSZAIN »

Four days later, he posts about me, and says to terminate his app...

I didnt say anything to provoke this, in that time, So, I'll terminate it.

When you are ready to become a MOd for real, if that ever is, I'll be there. `Till then, Locked and terminated.
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