My Moderator Application: Symos

Would I make a good moderator?

Yes, you would
No, you wouldn't
No Opinion
Total votes: 31

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Re: My Moderator Application: Symos

Post by Dretlin »

Jesus Christ wrote:
Professor Banana wrote:
Symos wrote:I think someone's jealous because they know they'll never be a mod.
Why one would be jealous of being a mod though, is beyond me :|
Dude being more limited in what you can say and more careful of the opinions you express, having the forums quickly turn into a chore, and chasing after trouble makers is easily worth the LACK OF appreciation.

Obviously I'm joking. Moderating was [censored] in the day, and now that you can actually see who edits what when and where, who moves whatever where, who bans who from the chat boards, and a load of retards scrutinizing your every move to see if they can get you booted so they can have their turn, being a moderator would be the worst.

As if i could get away with even half the [censored] i did when i was a mod now
Awww back in the day, remember that? That "HAHA" smile never got used so much on msn as it did then didnt it?

Goodtimes 8)
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Re: My Moderator Application: Symos

Post by rachs13 »

you got a yes from me.your always nice to me and help me when i have a problem and i think you would be a good moderator. good luck
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Re: My Moderator Application: Symos

Post by Symos »

I have decided to request this app be terminated. I am no longer interested.
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Re: My Moderator Application: Symos

Post by Seras »

Okay. This topic is being closed by the post above. If Symos would like to re-open it just contact a mod. Bye.
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