Any Deer Hunters out there?

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Re: Any Deer Hunters out there?

Post by Cybertron Norcinu »

AHHH! SAVE-THE-DEERS- :cry: !!! How can you possibly hunt deer? They aren't doing anything!!! ...but then again we all have our differences... but still, if you hunt deer for fun, shame on you [-X
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Re: Any Deer Hunters out there?

Post by Commander~Lightning~Spike »

kill deer hunters.
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Re: Any Deer Hunters out there?

Post by DarkWolf0 »

Well im not a hunter but my granpa is and he said that its fun.

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Re: Any Deer Hunters out there?

Post by DarkFireDemon »

I've never went hunting.If I did have a gun I doubt I'd shoot deer,I'd just shoot cans and tree's and various people.....XD.But the chance of my mom getting me a gun is like 0%.I asked her once but she said no,and then I asked her for bow and arrows,she said no....
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Re: Any Deer Hunters out there?

Post by vengeance »

i have several guns, and go hunting every year in the northern us. my brother is paralyzed, but can still shoot from a car safely, so i go hunting with him to help him bring in the deer after he gets it. i don't hunt for fun or trophy bucks or anything, but i can't say that it's all gruesome. it makes me feel alive, gives me a reality check on how quickly things can change.
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