Chris Benoit Toxicology Report

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Chris Benoit Toxicology Report

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Toxicology reports have been revealed by investigators, and drugs were found in bodies of Chris Benoit, Nancy Benoit, and Daniel Benoit.
Chris Benoit Results

Steroids were found in Chris Benoit's body.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation also confirrmed that Chris Benoit had Xanax (medicine for anxiety) and hydrocordone (painkiller) in his system as well. His body also had an elevated level of testosterone, which appears to have been injected.

Earlier reports suggested that Chris Benoit had been drinking prior to the deaths, but the reports showed that he tested negative for alcohol.

Nancy Benoit Results

Nancy Benoit tested positive for Xanax, hydrocodone, and the painkiller hydromorphone.

Those that knew Nancy Benoit have stated that she was still suffering from a lingering neck injury.

Daniel Benoit Results

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has confirmed that Daniel Benoit also had Xanax in his system. However, they were unable to confirm if he had steroids or human growth hormone in his system due to a lack of urine.

Reports show that Daniel Benoit may have been sedated from the drugs at the time of his death.

Steroids Link To Murder

Dr. Kris Sperry has specifically stated that the results do not show whether or not steroids were linked to the killings.

"This level of testosterone indicates that he had been using testosterone at least within some reasonably short period of time prior to the time that he died.

Although testosterone was found in Christopher Benoit's urine, there is no evidence of any other of the illegal types of steroids, or the whole laundry list of anabolic steroids that are out there to be used, the presence of the testosterone alone even could be an indicator that he was being treated for testicular insufficiency.

It is our opinion that Daniel Benoit was sedated by Xanax at the time that he was murdered, so that (means) he was sedated prior to the time that he died.

The decomposition will affect the ability to interpret these drug levels reliably. Before she died, they may have been higher. They could have been lower. We just don't know and we'll never know.

here is no reliable scientific data that conclusively says that elevated levels of administered testosterone lead to excessive rage or behavioral disorders. All the testing that's been done regarding that has been completely inconclusive."

- Dr. Kris Sperry

Dr. Kris Sperry is the chief medical examiner for the state with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Negative Impact On The WWE

With toxicology reports now confirming that Chris Benoit was indeed on steroids, the media will again begin to sharply criticize the WWE.

WWE representatives have repeatedly stated that Chris Benoit recently passed a random drug check in April. They claimed that he did not have steroids in his system.

Ever since the death of Chris Benoit, the WWE has been under fire for their Wellness Program. Many have mocked the credibility of their drug testing program.

Several wrestlers have stated that they have been tested for drugs various times throughout the year. WWE Heavyweight Champion John Cena told a national audience on the Larry King Live Show that he had been tested about multiple times in the past year.

Many former wrestlers believe that the WWE drug testing policy is only for public relations. They feel that many of the top level performers get away with doing drugs. Some have stated that the WWE will make an example of a lower level performer just for public relations.

While the WWE can counter argue by saying that Chris Benoit may have recently started using steroids, there are reports out there that claim that Chris Benoit had been receiving a huge supply of steroids in the past few months.

A few politicians have been urging the federal government to get involved in regulating the wrestling industry. With Chris Benoit being confirmed for being on steroids, the politicians now have their ammo to get that done.


Xanax is a short acting drug that is used to treat anxiety disorders. It also helps with depression.

The drug does cause drowsiness. It may also cause a slight form of amnesia. Some rare cases of personality change and vivid nightmares have been documented as well in patients.

Experts have stated that Xanax is not a drug typically given to young children.

There were speculations that Chris Benoit had grown paranoid of his position within the WWE. Some believed that Chris Benoit was so paranoid that he kept thinking that there were people out to get him.

Chris Benoit is one of the best performers in the wrestling business, but he still felt that his job was constantly on the line.


Hydrocordone is a drug used to alleviate pain. It can be habit-forming, and can also lead to physical and psychological addiction.

Hydromorphone is a drug used to relieve moderate to severe pain. It is becoming more popular in the treatment of chronic pain. Hydromorphone has been used as a substitute for heroin and morphine.


A lot of people believed that the test results will shed some more light on the situation, but the fact is, we still don't know what exactly happened in Chris Benoit's house and mind that weekend.

Credit: TSC Wrestling

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Re: Chris Benoit Toxicology Report

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Ouch! O.O Those poor, poor athletes! They're lame for using drugs though 'cause drugs are bad.....BAD BAD BAD!! :x :x :x :x :x

Steroids should be banned for athletes. >.<
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