What Sport is Everyone Into?

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Re: What Sport is Everyone Into?

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I love whatching Soccer,football, and Paintball on T.v.
I love going to football and baseball games
I play: Airsoft fights, Soccer, Unorganized Football, PLaying Basket-ball with my friends outside.
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Re: What Sport is Everyone Into?

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i love tennis, soccer, netball and Aussie Rules (if you're not from australia you won't really know what that is...i think :-k )
i play tennis and netball and play soccer during sport at school (which isn't very often, which kinda sucks)
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re: What Sport is Everyone Into?

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Re: What Sport is Everyone Into?

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I'm into martial arts, boxing, being lazy. 8)
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Re: What Sport is Everyone Into?

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I'm in track. and cross-country. i'm amazing at what i do. 4x400, 4x800, 1600, 3200, and 5ks :mrgreen:
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