WWE RAW's most shocking moments

Bottom of the ninth, third down, Gretzky shoots from the three point line... and it's a goaaaaal!

WWE RAW's most shocking moment?

Mr. McMahon's limo explodes
Pillman-Austin gun angle
Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff's hug
No votes
Shane McMahon purchases WCW
Undertaker crucifies Stone Cold
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Re: WWE RAW's most shocking moments

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Pennyroyal Tea wrote:
The Evil Russell Crowe wrote:
Jamie Madrox wrote:
The Evil Russell Crowe wrote:When that homo guy in tights grappled the other guy in tights. That was intense.
was that when u found out u were homo...i bet it was intense...
If you're going to try and insult me, you could at least have the decency to do it with correct grammar. Also, I don't like wrestling, so I'd never participate in it. :p
Unless it's butt-wrestling. You love doing that.
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Re: WWE RAW's most shocking moments

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I think they have special places that cater for stuff like that.. >_>
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Re: WWE RAW's most shocking moments

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I wonder.... is the WWE stuff staged?! Or are the wrestlers just..... insane? :shock:

The WWE is very entertaining to watch. :mrgreen:

..wait, nvm, I just checked... it IS fake. O.O

I love it, though. :mrgreen:
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Re: WWE RAW's most shocking moments

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I liked it... when it was WWF. Then it started changing, and I gave up trying to keep track of it. Its like a bad soap opera now.

Well, honestly, it was always like that.
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Re: WWE RAW's most shocking moments

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How many people want to see sycho sid return to the wwe? I read on wikipedia that he is in negotations to return to the wwe ring.
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Re: WWE RAW's most shocking moments

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Daniel Brian almost beating batista and beating the miz.That had've been a suprise for most if not everyone.How about Rey Myterio winning the rumble.
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