What sport would you?

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Re: What sport would you?

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scorpionwarrior wrote:Ah I see. i think i've heard about it
its cool ^^

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Re: What sport would you?

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Demyx wrote:I can wrestle and pin a girl who's twice my size. I have nothing to be ashamed of at all.

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Re: What sport would you?

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there's only sport that i like so much..

it's board game, called japanese igo (go)
and i always played it online to improve my skill -_-!
though i'm newbie+junior+amateur.. so.. yoroshiku onegaishimasu ne~
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Re: What sport would you?

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Nikkuzu Infaneppu, do you read Hikaru no Go?
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Re: What sport would you?

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I would join baseball or softball. ^-^
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Re: What sport would you?

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I'm an ice/roller hockey player currently but trying out lacrosse would be fantastic :]
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Re: What sport would you?

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I wanna be in the NBA someday and I want to be drafted either by Chicago Bulls or Memphis Grizzlies....even I'm the last overall pick. Hahaha!

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Re: What sport would you?

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baseball.I'd like to play for the yankees and make,not just to amke it or be good in the hall of fame but to do what no other mlb pitchers' done picth 3 perfect games in the postseason.Get 30 wins in one seasons.get 6,000 carrear strikeout wins more cy youngs than any other pitcher in all of baseball.get 10 ws rings.trust me I never think realistic I think beyond.I believe anybosdy can fullfil thier dream if they work hard at it and have dtermination and foritude. \:D/
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