Yoko kurama in another anime?

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Yoko kurama in another anime?

Post by thefool1 »

it seems like yoko was in another anime, with Yomi and kuronue, but i have no idea what it is and would really like to know what it is, can anyone tell me??
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Re: Yoko kurama in another anime?

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I never knew this
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Re: Yoko kurama in another anime?

Post by The PyroKitie »

I will most likely be wrong, but I know that there was like a secondary series to YuYu. It was more like music videos for each of the four guys. Maybe it was in there. I can't really remember the name of it. I know it started with an 'E'...something like Enzio...I can't remember. I saw the music video parts of it. I'm not sure if it was just a music video though or if they had shows attached to them.

Forgive me if I am wrong.
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Re: Yoko kurama in another anime?

Post by Dreams »

No. Kuronue only appeared in the second movie; Youko Kurama only appeared in the canon YYH series and second movie.

The supplements you're thinking of, PyroKitie, are OVAs called Eizou Hakusho. They, plus the final "Opening Ending Encyclopedia" OVA, spanned seven tapes/DVDs. They each only had a few new minutes of footage, while the rest was mostly music video montages that used stock footage.

My YYH site has a lot more info, plus some Eizou downloads. SuperGrouper's site has the rest of what I was too lazy to do.
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Re: Yoko kurama in another anime?

Post by anise »

so!!!! in what anime did this YOKO KURAMA ......? I'm being curoius about it??
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