Get to Know the Mods.

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Get to Know the Mods.

Post by SASSZAIN »

Hello there! One of the Mod's though, that it'd be a good idea for you to maybe get to know us a little. Then another Mod seconded the idea. well, I got stuck with thirding it,and so I am the one presenting it to you. That make any sense?
Oh well, Here goes the `splaination.

Here, Mods can voluntarily post a profile of sorts, that lets everyone learn a bit about them. there is a form that they should follow, here. All information given is voluntary.

For good reasons this topic will be locked, and remain that way indefinitely. All posts here should be profiles only.

Guess thats about it, so without further ado, my profile!
Name: As far as you need to know, `tis Zain. Zain Kamachi Takura.
Location: Michigan, USA
Gender: I'm of the Male species
Age: 18<[AGE]<21
Hair Color: brownish
Eye Color: Usualy greenish blue..
Height: Take a guess (Ym guesses 8'13")
Weight: Take another guess (Ym guesses 107lbs)
Favorite type of music: Prolly pop.. Though I like anything that isnt too vulgar..
Favorite band/artist: Come, on!! Favorite? Try favorites. Nickelback, DC talk, KJ52, Backstreet Boys (back in the day they where awesome, you know it, dun deny it)
Favorite food: Triple Chocolate Ice cream, Or cheese.
Favorite Drink: Prolly.. Vault. Since Surge is gone..
Favorite Sport: Video Games, Duh.
Favorite Video Game: To date? Chrono Cross.
Siblings: I hate you -.-;
Favorite Movie: Uhm.. Lessee.. I dunno. Prolly Lion King.
Favorite Book: Goblins in the Castle. forget the author though...
Favorite TV show: Uhh... Prolly Family Guy.
Place of Employment: Walgreens
Favorite quote/saying: LOOK IN MY SIGGY.. oh and, "The human mind contains its own traitor" - K.A. Applegate
Nicknames:Hecks yeah. 8) Nomad, Chatchy,Napoleon, Ten-Speed.
Nomad: Got during Young Life, at Timber Wolf Lake. I was always walking around, never pausing for more than ten minutes 8)
Chatchy: Art class in High School. Dunno why, Dun care why.
Napoloen: College NickName. Got it cause my hair was at the point in growing where, when i didnt do anything with it, I looked like Napoleon Dynamite.
Ten-Speed: 8) Got this at work. I ride my bike 4 miles to work every day, rain, snow, or shine. 8) lovin` the money I'm savin on gas.
Heroes: I declare copyright infringement. Thats the name of a TV series!! Nah but seriously, Tai, Goku, Kamina, in that order. More to come 8)
Website: yeah, Did have neonology, but it died. So.. Nothing.
Brief Message to users:

So, you've made it this far eh? Well then, congrats, you dun suck.

what, you want more from me? PM me if you have any questions.

Oh, and, Digimon + BackStreet Boys = own your faces, you're just not cool enough to know any better 8)

that was a joke.


Or else.


Alright mods, you know who you are, POST YOUR PROFILES!!

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Re: Get to Know the Mods.

Post by Athos »

Name: Brendan S. "aka Athos"

Location: Southern California, U.S

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Hair Color: dirty Blonde

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 5"10'.

Weight: 180 lbs

Favorite type of music: anything but rap and hip hop, some country is acceptable.

Favorite band/artist: Paramore

Favorite food: Mexican! Ole!

Favorite Drink: Coffee (Vanilla Latte)

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Video Game: Wolfenstein

Siblings: 2 younger brothers

Favorite Movie: Cyrano de Bergerac

Favorite Book: The Three Musketeers/ My Grandfather's Son: A Memoir

Favorite TV show: Family Guy

Favorite Anime: Gundam

Place of Employment: Barnes and Noble

Favorite quote/saying: "Sometimes, unprofessional things need to be said." -Anne Stephens

Nicknames: Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Athos, Athis, Shoe-men
Heroes: My grandmother

Website: N/A at this time

Brief Message to users: Hello Everyone. >.> If you need help with history/ U.S. law/ U.S. politics, government, civics, or the military in your school courses, I can pretty much be of service. (I'm a political science major).
Member of the ModSquad 8)
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Re: Get to Know the Mods.

Post by Slash »

Name: Gary Allshouse
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 255 lbs.
Favorite type of music: Metal, Punk or Ska
Favorite band/artist: The Transplants, The Aquabats, All That Remains, Rancid
Favorite food: Chicken, Nachos
Favorite Drink: Sunkist, Full Throttle
Favorite Sport: American Football
Favorite Video Game: Call of Duty 4
Siblings: One Sister, 24
Favorite Movie: The Prestige, any Kevin Smith movie
Favorite Book: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, HP series
Favorite TV show: The Office, Aqua Teen
Favorite Anime: One Piece
Place of Employment: Digital DGS, Design and Apply vinyl to vehicles and signs
Favorite quote/saying: “Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that, I'll be over here, looking through your stuff.”
Nicknames: Slash, Gar-Bear, The Dude
Heroes: Family, Friends, Kevin Smith & Lumberjacks


Brief Message to users: That's what she said.
"Yeah, that's right. Turd Ferguson. It's a funny name."
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Re: Get to Know the Mods.

Post by Mik3 »

Name: Michael Anthony Hernandez
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'0
Weight: 215 lbs
Favorite Type of music: Hip Hop, Rock, some pop
Favorite band/artist: Jay-Z
Favorite Food: Philly Cheesesteak
Favorite Drink: Soft:Coca-Cola Liqour:Hennessey
Favorite Sport: American Football
Favorite Video Game: Metal Gear Solid 4
Siblings: Three Brothers, One Sister
Favorite Movie: Carlitos Way
Favorite Book: Soul On Ice
Favorite TV Show: Its always sunny in Philadelphia
Favorite Anime: Pilot Candidate
Place Of Employment: Nowhere
Favorite Qoute/Saying: "Now, our operation is small, but there's a lot of potential for aggressive expansion."~~~The Joker
Nicknames: Mike, Mikey, Miguel
Heroes:Brian Dawkins, my father, Roberto Clemente

Brief message to users: The F you want?
I remembered my password.
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Re: Get to Know the Mods.

Post by º-Tenshi_Karasu-º »

Name: Raquel Coelho (yeah and that last one is portuguese for rabbit -_- *mumbles mumbles*)
Location: Right now? Faro, Portugal
Gender: Female
Age: 18 (Libra)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'3''
Weight: Yeah...I should say no comment ya go- 136 lbs.
Favorite type of music: oh, hard one...mmm...pretty much everything....especially j-rock, metal, hip hop, traditional music, ect, ect...
Favorite band/artist: Mmm...Nickelback, Namie Amuro, Ali Project, Evanescence, Nightwish, Within Temptation, ect....
Favorite food: Moamba (Angolean food), Chicken Tikka Masala, asian food, pasta, chocolate
Favorite Drink: Mmm...Depends on my mood really
Favorite Sport: Basketball, Swimming, Bodyboarding, Rollerblading (plus some logic games and soccer)
Favorite Video Game: Mmm....I really don't know
Siblings: One half-sister (9-Alexandra Isabel) on my moms side, one step-sister (29 -Marisa Sofia), one step-brother (23 -João Paulo)
Favorite Movie: Mists of Avalon, Marvel inspired movies (F4, X-men, Spiderman)...and many many others (movie freak)
Favorite Book: Maybe..."Firestarter" by Stephen King, HP collection, ect (and I'm completly, I MEAN COMPLETLY, obcessed with manga)
Favorite TV show: Charmed, Grey's Anatomy, Smallville, Heroes, House, Supernatural
Favorite Anime: Too many to name, but mainly Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, Mermaid Saga, Rozen Maiden, Yu-Gi-Oh!, ect, ect.......
Place of Employment: Student at Ualg (University of Algarve)- Tourism degree, part time writter for the University newspaper & freelance translator.
Favorite quote/saying: I have several but let me see..."Don't regret your pain, learn from it and grow" "Beauty is the eye of the beholder" "Only troublemakers whine about reasonable authority" "Courage is not the abcense of fear, but the will to carry on despite of it" and, well, I have a whole list (literally, it's a list called "pearls of wisdom" that i'm making) XD
Nicknames: Rach, Rav, TK, Tenshi, Val, Kitty, Bat (Morcega), Vampya, Vampy, Kuro and a few others
Heroes: My mom (yes I know it's sappy but she is- the woman went through a freaking war, a broken family and the worst type of husband and she's still one of the best people I now, for god's sake!), F. Pessoa, Mandela, and a couple of other people

Website: Well, I have 2 blogs, a Myspace, a Hi5 and a portuguese forum but they're all on hold so never mind.

Brief Message to users: "Screw the rules, I (don't) have money!" Lol, just kidding.
Now seriously...So, you got this far in this profile and didn't die of total boredom? Ok, you get some respect from me.
So yeah, I a multiracial wierdo, extremaly liberal and impartial who thinks too much but I think I midly empathic so I like to help others. ^^
Any problems, worries or questions of any sort, feel free to ask, I'll hear ya out. ^^ Oh and I can especially help out with anything realted to mythology, religions, psychology, manga, culture, art, beta-reading and a bunch of other stuff.
But all in all just call me AA's personal councelour (no kidding ^^).
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Re: Get to Know the Mods.

Post by Dreams »

Name: Dreams
Location: Nightopia
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Bloo
Height: 5'9"
Favorite band/artist: Qkumba Zoo, Vanilla Ninja, Ace of Base, Taty, lots more
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite Drink: Jones Soda 'Crushed Melon'
Favorite Sport: Foooootball
Favorite Video Game: Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, the original SNES version... and NiGHTS, of course.
Siblings: 4 cats
Favorite Book: The Bible, 'Dragonriders of Pern' series by Anne McCaffrey, 'Warriors' series by Erin Hunter
Favorite TV show: The Simpsons, but I love lots of TV
Favorite Anime: Dragonball Z, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Yuugi-ou
Languages: English, Japanese, a little Chinese, a little Korean, random phrases in Swahili, Hungarian, German
Place of Employment: Borders (bookstore), which is sad, because I have a degree in animation but can't find work.
Quote: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved." ~John 3:16-17
Пуля в сердце, мозг на дверцу...
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Re: Get to Know the Mods.

Post by Yami Haga-Ryuzaki »

Name: Lucy.
Nickname/s: Luce, Yami, Haga, Ryuzaki, YHR, Spruce, Lettuce (...), LuLu.
Location: Australia.
Gender: Female.
Age: 15.
Hair Color: Light Brown.
Eye Color: Blue.
Height: 5'4"
Favorite type of music: pop, rock and classic.
Favorite band/artist: John Butler Trio, Lily Allen, various Japanese J-rock bands~
Favorite Food: Chicken!
Favorite Drink: Chocolate-Milk.
Favorite Sport: Soccer/Ice Skating.
Favorite Video Game: La Pucelle Tactics.
Siblings: one older sister. (18)
Favorite Movie: Little Miss Sunshine.
Favorite Book: Kira-Kira, Selby the Talking Dog, Grim Brother's Collection, Shakugan no Shana (novel), various manga.
Favorite TV show: F.R.I.E.N.D.S, South Park, Drawn Together, Spongebob Squarepants and Simpsons.
Favorite Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh!, One Piece, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Tokyo Mew Mew, Naruto, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Midori Days.
Languages: English and a small amount of Japanese.
Place of Employment: used to work at Eagle Boys Pizza, but quit because of "personal reasons".
Heroes: My Parents, Charles M.Shulz (creator of Peanuts) and Eiichiro Oda (creator of One Piece and Kazurou Inoue (creator of Midori Days).
Quote: "-last words are for fools who haven't already said enough"

Brief Message to users: Hey, uh... nice to meet you? I've been on AA for a few years now, but I tend to stray away from it every few months or so.
...what can I really say here? I'm really on AA to mingle around with anime fans and ramble about my fanatical obsessions with cartoon characters.
If you see me around, feel free to say "Hi" or "-what are you doing here?!" x3 I'm also in the chat room quite a bit - so maybe I'll see you there!

...oh, and if you need help with stuff - I suppose you can ask me. xD Thanks for skimming through my 'get to know' section!
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Re: Get to Know the Mods.

Post by Pennyroyal Tea »

Name:Andre Summey
Location: Freehold, New Jersey
Gender: Male
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Brown
Height: 5 something
Weight: 144.5 :3
Favorite type of music:
Favorite band/artist: Nirvana, My Chemical Romance, Pearl Jam, P.O.S, Boys Night Out
Favorite food:Veggieburgers <3
Favorite Drink: Water or Tea
Favorite Sport: Baseball, Hockey, and Football
Favorite Video Game: SvR pretty much all of them
Siblings: The only ones I consider my Siblings are Jamar and Tiana, don't know or care to know the rest.
Favorite Movie: Fight Club, Wristcutters, Ghost in the Shell
Favorite Book: The Arizona Kid and the Adventure of the Blue Avenger from what I can recall, I read a lot.
Favorite TV show: Seinfeld, Scrubs, Simpsons, Family Guy, House, Wrestling
Favorite Anime: Excel Saga
Place of Employment:
Favorite quote/saying: Love is not a physical description
Nicknames: 'Dre, King of Awesome, Dr.Dre, The Riddler
Heroes: The United States Army and Navy
Brief Message to users:Yes I taste as good as I look
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Re: Get to Know the Mods.

Post by Yodama Man »

Name: Joel O'Mooney
Location:Canada PEI
Sex:Yes please
Hair Color:Brown
Eye Color:It changes =/ My birth certificate says Hazel.
Favorite type of music:I like most music except Old country. and like gay pop...unless the gay pop is so gay that it's cool.
Favorite band/artist:Pearl Jam
Favorite food:Spaghetti
Favorite Drink:Rum and Coke
Favorite Sport:Snowboarding
Favorite Video Game:pft. all of them?
Siblings:In order from oldest to youngest. Andrew, Jennifer, Scott, Stephen (R.I.P) Stephanie, Me, Shannon, Katie, Suzanne, Joseph
Favorite Movie:Boondock Saints, Serenity, Four Brothers
Favorite Book:Books are who can read...
Favorite TV show:Robot Chicken, Mad TV
Favorite Anime:Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Samurai 7, Samurai Pizza Cats
Place of Employment:Online Tech Support
Favorite quote/saying:"Would you have me any other way?" "good one"

Website: (yeah I got no idea what it is either but it rocks)

Brief Message to users: I'm @#$!ing watching you!
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Re: Get to Know the Mods.

Post by Vash »

Name: Vash
Location: Hannover, GER
Gender: M
Age: 22
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: blue
Height: 1,78 m
Weight: 68 kg
Favorite type of music: heavy metal
Favorite band/artist: too many. ^^
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite Drink: Beer, Water
Favorite Sport: martial arts
Favorite Video Game: World of Warcraft
Siblings: 2 brothers, 2 sisters
Favorite Movie: no idea XD
Favorite Book: I don't read much
Favorite TV show: Simpsons, South Park
Favorite Anime: Hellsing, Trigun
Place of Employment: School, Army soon
Nicknames:I don't have something like that. :P
Heroes: Oo
Brief Message to users:I'm around again and I'm watching you. :twisted:
Anner <3
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Re: Get to Know the Mods.

Post by Hinato kazuya »

'Name: Hinato.
Nickname/s: No thanks.
Location: England.
Gender: Male
Age: 18. (19 on July 22nd 2008)
Hair Color: Seriously dark brown.
Eye Color: Brown.
Height: 5'11"
Favorite type of music: Metal.
Favorite band/artist: Megadeth, Pantera, Slayer and Rise Against (the odd one out).
Favorite Food: Chicken.
Favorite Drink: Cherry Cola.
Favorite Sport: Table Tennis / Badminton.
Favorite Video Game: Sonic 2.
Siblings: Nope. Only child. (read it and weep).
Favorite Movie: Kellys Heros.
Favorite Book: The Hitchhikers guide to the galazy set (Douglas Adams).
Favorite TV show: Scrubs.
Favorite Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh!, One Piece, Shaman King, FMA.
Languages: English and small amounts of others.
Place of Employment: Used to work at my local theatre as a lighting technician but I haven't heard from them reacently.
Heroes: None.

Brief Message to users: Thanks for reading this I guess and I'll be a lot more active from now on. I'm in chat a lot so you can always send me a messag there.
It takes but one man to breed a war, for those who do not have swords may still die upon them.
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Re: Get to Know the Mods.

Post by Jade_Steel_Hawk »

Name: You can call me Jade.

Location: Chi-Town.

Gender: Female.

Age: 17

Hair Color: Brownish

Eye Color: Teal

Height: 65 inches.

Favorite type of music: Mostly rock, but I listen to just about anything.

Favorite band/artist: Breaking Benjamin and Muse are the shiz.

Favorite food: Scallops.

Favorite Drink: Water.

Favorite Sport: Track and Cross-Country

Favorite Video Game: Portal

Siblings: 1 older brother

Favorite Movie: Phantom of the Opera is amazing. Anything Mel Brooks or Monty Python.

Favorite Book: Maximum Ride is pretty nifty. The Anita Blake series is addicting. T.T

Place of Employment: Office job.

Favorite quote/saying: No one can go back and make a brand new start. Anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

Nicknames: Lol. Not appropriate for here.

Heroes: My brother.

Brief Message to users: Hi. =]
"The reason I have such faith in God is because He showed me there is someone I could rely on once I lost faith in humanity."
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Re: Get to Know the Mods.

Post by Mai »

Name: Mai
Location: New York, but you'll only ever see me on here.
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair Color: It tends to change
Eye Color: Green-blue
Height: I don't even know the answer. I'm guessing 5'6"
Weight: 115-120
Favorite type of music: Rockabilly, psychobilly, instrumental, punk
Favorite band/artist: Explosions in the sky, Kwoon, Sigur ros, Black Flag, Leftover Crack, Crass, Choking Victim, Against Me!, Bad Brains, Blood for Blood, Casualties, The Cramps, The Descendants, G.B.H, Nekromantix, OS Catalepticos, Minor Threat, Danzig, Misfits, Samhain, Operation Ivy, Reagan Youth... Its too long, I'm stopping here.
Favorite food: Tiger, Zebra, monkey... I'm a vegetarian so you figure that one out.
Favorite Drink: Pabts
Favorite Sport: Sitting around being amazing
Favorite Video Game: Mario
Siblings: Three
Favorite Movie: Trainspotting, not a clockwork orange, not Juno and definitely not Fight Club.
Favorite Book: Anything Chuck Klosterman
Favorite TV show: Family guy, Southpark, Weeds
Favorite Anime: Anything
Place of Employment: VS&G- former.
Favorite quote/saying: Anything not hemmingway or robert browning.
Nicknames: Mai
Heroes: Heroes aren't nothing but a sandwich. All our heroes are liars. One day we will realize that we are taller than our idols.
Website: I'm just a browser, not a creator.
Brief Message to users: :)
I felt like a race horse in a world without racetracks or a champion college footballer suddenly confronted by Wall Street and a business suit, his days of glory shrunk to a little gold cup on his mantel with a date engraved on it like a tombstone.
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Re: Get to Know the Mods.

Post by Pyro Psycho »

Name: Janet
Location: Pasadena, Texas
Gender: Aphrodite's mirror
Age: 20
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'4
Weight: 180 lbs
Favorite type of music:I love any kind of music. Except country.
Favorite band/artist: The Beatles, Queen, Sublime, and The Doors
Favorite food: Cheesesticks :B
Favorite Drink: Strawberry kool-aid
Favorite Sport: Video Games xP
Favorite Video Game: Super Mario World
Siblings: One sister
Favorite Movie: A streetcar named desire
Favorite Book: You don't know me by David Klass
Favorite TV show: Married with Children
Favorite Anime: Soul Eater
Place of Employment:
Favorite quote/saying: Awwwr bawllrs ...
Nicknames: Jan, Janners, Janzie, Janbearpig, Janey
Heroes: Super Mario and Jim Carrey
Brief Message to users: Sup?
i told yuo about stares dog