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Black Tide

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I recently learned about this relatively new heavy metal band called Black Tide who sound like they just stepped out of the 80s, but in a good way. They remind me a lot of Metallica and Iron Maiden, and would encourage all metalheads out there to check out their album Light from Above.

Black Tide has just launched their Warriors of Time Animation series. The six part series is explained best by the band themselves:
Our Hero, known as The Bastard, is a living embodiment of metal music. We pit him against a robotic legion whose influence spans all of time and space. The song speaks to the urge in everyone to rage and rock out against all outside expectations. It is a call to arms against a mundane existence, and the Bastard is always there to answer in force, slaughtering the robot conformist authority for the sake of youth, rebellion, and the undying spirit of true metal.
For the first in the epic series, click here. In part 2 the Bastard takes on a legion of robots in a heroic Western themed shootout. “Warriors of Time” provides the perfect soundtrack to a clip complete with a Saloon, shots (bullets & alcohol), and spurs. Watch the video here, and wait to see what happens next week.

Update: Part 3 and Part 4 have been released.
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