Create Your Own Sailor Scout

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Re: Create Your Own Sailor Scout

Post by RyuuLove »

Name: Kin Sukiano (Non Sailor Scout)
Name: Sailor Black Ice
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Attack: Darkness Trap and Rain of Ice
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Bio: I'm quiet and polite, and pale, with skin like ice. I'm shy, but strong and a bit overprotective of my friends (the Sailor Scouts). Never, EVER! underestimate me because of my size, I'm strong, and I'll put an arrow in your eye to prove it.
Personality: Quiet, bookish, polite, protective
Appearance: ... 00zzzz.jpg Uniform: Shoes (I don't wear boots)-Black, Skirt-Icy Gray, Top-Ice Blue without a bow, I don't wear gloves, Hair-Same as in the picture. What I wear all the time are also the clothes in the picture.
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Re: Create Your Own Sailor Scout

Post by SailorFireRose »

I am Sailor Fire Rose i am power of fire and i'm a ninja to

my powers r Fire Wind

Fire Rose Sword

Rose stem of fire and i have 6 auras Stem
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Re: Create Your Own Sailor Scout

Post by MARS4 »

OH, GOODY! I've always wanted to do this sort of thing xaD <3 =D Over the years, when I first started to draw anime, I made up a ton of my own Sailor Scout characters: Sailor Fairy(the leader), sailor sun, earth, fire, ice, glitter, ... etc. lol. I even came up with a few new ones this summer! lol. I actually have two charcters I made up for myself, but I guess this is one I would use mostly:

Name: Clara Sustar/Sailor Cancer(from the zodiac sign of Cancer the Crab)(and NO, I did NOT chose that name so it could be similar to her scout name. Sustar is my real last name back before my family immigrated to America over 100 years ago, and Clara is the name of my Grandma's grandma, and I like that name. so NYEH. =P)

Age: Appears to be in her early to mid 20's

Gender: Female(srsly? a male sailor scout? lolz <3)

What is your attack: I have't thought of that much, but maybe something to do mostly with defense(since crabs have a thick shell, etc.) Maybe something called "Shell of Solitude"...? lol

What weapon would you use: A staff, I guess(I still need to think about that)

Short Bio: Sailor Cancer is from a circle of cosmos/planets of the Zodiacs. She travels to earth on a mission to help, but really, she just needs something else to do. She's curious and travels all over the galaxies to see new things. While on Earth, she goes by the name of Clara Sustar and takes a job as a nurse at the nearby Hospital in Tokyo(or whereever the scouts live, lol)

Personality: Quiet, appears mysterious and cold, but is very kind; loves to help others, responsible, kind of aloof, can be a daydreamer; she over-analyzes things which can get her into trouble. Well kept, likes to be clean. Although she can appear to be scary(she's just a quiet person who likes to keep to herself at times), she can strike up a nice conversation with just about anyone and be your friend in a heart beat.

Appearance: Has light pruple/lavender hair, kind of wavey, has (somewhat)big wavey bangs, with a couple of strands that get in her eyes; Deep, green eyes; Tall, almost 6'00". Sailor Scout outfit: boots that are above the ankle, yet not to the knee(in between); skirts is mostly sheer, and appears to have some lace on the bottom and is light, gets dark on top; long sleeve-gloves(go up to elbows); bow in front has the cancer symbol in the middle, and scarf is sheer. Has shell/"bones" comeing out of her arms'shoulder like a Crab. Has Cancer odiac-signs on both hips, vibsible. I have a drawing I did of her(the first time I made her up), and I'll see if I can post that or a newer one sometime)! =D
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Re: Create Your Own Sailor Scout

Post by Kallen_Lulu »

Name: Keira Watasuki
Age: 15
Gender: f
What is your attack: Darkness wind slicer, double dark blow
What weapon would you use: twin fans
Short Bio: She is half demon, half sailor solider. She can't become human unless she kisses someone. She hates her demon self; she wanted only wind attacks.
Personality: quiet, shy, dark, gets angered easily
Appearance: Brown hair blue eyes; nice figure; has cat ears (only appear at night) Sailor outfit: (Its not like the others) The leotard doest go all the way down it ends at the invisable line above the stomache; its black. The locket is a black heart with silver trim. Her bows are silver. The skirt is black with black fringe at the end. She wears high heels. her tiara gem is red.
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Re: Create Your Own Sailor Scout

Post by saliornatasha19 »

Name: Rose/ Sailor of Love
Gender: Female
What is your attack: magic of love
What weapon would you use: a heart shape wand
Short Bio: Rose is a long lost cousin from the moon kingdom one day the scouts was on their summer break and they saw a girl in trouble and when they helped her Rose had the mark of sailor of love so Luna did her magic and gave Rose the key to transform in to Sailor of love
Personality: loving, brave, loyal, n kind
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Re: Create Your Own Sailor Scout

Post by Sailor-Opal »

Name: Yumi Machigo (Sailor Opal)
What is your attack: Shards of Glass
What weapon would you use: A bow and arrow
Short Bio: She was very shy until she met her friend Serena, who she had always looked up to. Serena was everything Yumi wanted to be, even when Serena was clumsy.
Personality: Immature, eats a lot of processed cheese, is spastic, boy-crazy, loves to wear rainbow colours.
Appearance: Black haired, looks like Sailor Saturn, but has a purple streak through her hair. Her sailor outfit is all in purple and midnight blue. She is pale, with emerald green eyes that glitter when she has something to look forward to, which is nearly all the time. She is 5'3'. She has a posse of nerds following her.
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Re: Create Your Own Sailor Scout

Post by Grell »

Name: Kei Orphium
Sailor Name: Sailor Garnet
Age: 19
Gender: Female
What is your attack:
What weapon would you use: katana
Short Bio: A demon to the core, both in blood and actions, she is known for being ruthless and efficient. On the upside, she's absolutely loyal to the people she cares about, and will do anything to see a smile on their faces. Even if it means killing the people that made them unhappy in the first place. She tends to keep to herself, and rarely outwardly calls people friends, even if they are.
Personality: She's sarcastic and it usually seems like she doesn't care about anyone except herself. She can be hurt easily by a misplace word, but doesn't let anyone know. She'll usually laugh it off, and return it with a snarky comment.
Appearance: I'll see about a pic relatively soon. ;-)
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Re: Create Your Own Sailor Scout

Post by SailorVampiress2010 »

Name: Sailor Vampiress
Age: 190 years old (18)
Gender: Female
Attack: Venom Attack
Weapon: Harpoon
Short Bio: She was given the job by Sailor Moon when she was told that Sailor Moon was accepted to a local college along with the other original Scouts and couldn't fight anymore. She was hesitant at first, but later got the knack of it!
Personality: Flirtatious, cute, and unbelieveably beautiful. She loves reading the minds of her friends and can see danger before it takes place.
Appearance: Still waiting to figure out how to submit a photo :-k
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Re: Create Your Own Sailor Scout

Post by Moonless_Luna1 »

Name:Melody Claire Twilight

Past Name: Princess Melody

Sailor Name: Sailor Bell Bell


Gender: Female

What is your attack: Bell Rythem, Meloduis Attack, Bell Bell Wind

What weapon would you use: Star Shape Bell

Short Bio: Melody was princess of the kingdom called Meloduis but her planet was destoryed by the darkenss, Her Mother saved her and the rest of the kindom sending them to planet earth. Melody is a straight A student and Modeling as well as singing of course and She likes Darien, Seiya, and Lita, and she has a kitten named Lulu who is pink.

Personality: Melody's Sweet, Shy, Hyper yet tough when she needs to be and she can cook as she bakes cookies all the time for Lita.

Appearance: Melody has long Black flowing hair, Sky blue eyes and Cat ears and tail that she hides while in school and modeling.

Transformation: Melody wears a Midnight blue sailor skirt,White top that the rest of the sailor scouts were with Blue trimming, Black boots, Music note earings, Her hair is in a sky blue ribbon as she has her black cat ears and tail as well.
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Re: Create Your Own Sailor Scout

Post by may12 aka squeaky »

wow those are cool and awsome
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Re: Create Your Own Sailor Scout

Post by sailorsun12 »

Name: Myra Meioh
sailor name: Sailor sun
Gender: female
What is your attack: Sun Soul Attack
What weapon would you use: Sun Scepter, and a sunlight sword
Short Bio:myra is sisters with sailor pluto myra is famous for being a singer\dancer she spends alot of time with chibi moon and she has the purst heart in all the world and no one knows not even her she is half angel that is why she has the purest heart in the world one night she grows big sparkling feathery angel wings
Personality: she seems happy but inside she is very sad she is very talented she is very protective for good people she is angered easily and she is bi and has a crush on sailor moon and in sailor stars sailor sun dies and kisses sailor moon (i know its wierd but i dont reall have a crush on sailor moon i just thought it would be intersting) and she can heal from anything the only thing that can kill her is if you steal her heart or if you satb he with her own sword
Appearance:light blonde hair, her eyes are rainbow and sparkley, (kind of pale) white skin, \ her sun scepter is
rainbow and in the middle it has all the senshi signs
Outfit: Skirt: yellow and has rainbow sparkles Top:Orange with rainbow sparkles the bow is yellow and the gem is a rainbow brooch and in side has all the senshi signs inner and outer including sailor moons Shoes: high boots one orange one yellow Gloves: short and fincerless Hair: normal down and really long and curly like when shes not in scout form
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