Does Echizen, Ryoma love Sakuno?!

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Re: Does Echizen, Ryoma love Sakuno?!

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Re: Does Echizen, Ryoma love Sakuno?!

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I think at their current age probably not, though he does like her, though whether as a friend or a little bit more is never really made clear. I reckon though when they get older he probably will x3 but show-wise I think, as others have said before, he sees her more as a good friend with maybe a tiny bit of him liking her a bit more, but he's way too focused on tennis XD
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Re: Does Echizen, Ryoma love Sakuno?!

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He doesn't like Sakuno because he's into tennis unlike his father.
It doesn't matter about the age, even if he's older, he's probably still gonna be into tennis since his goal is trying to beat his father. He's more like a peaceful type-->He's a "single" person, not a "double" meaning he doesn't really get along with other people.

Re: Does Echizen, Ryoma love Sakuno?!

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The first person Ryoma meets after coming to Japan is Sakuno. This is basically saying that Ryoma and Sakuno are destined to be together. Ryoma does like Sakuno, but he is too dense to realize his own feelings. Once he accomplishes his goal of getting the Grand Slam title, it can be certain that he will come back to Japan for Sakuno. Sakuno is the only girl that Ryoma can tolerate because she is patient and unlike his millions of fangirls who act like they want to eat him, she is not obsessed over him. Ryoma is obviously jealous of the attention Sakuno is giving to Tooyama, but because of his indifferent personality, he does not show much emotion while saying "Let's go, Ryuuzaki" to get her away from Kintarou. In the anime he also saves Sakuno many times, from angry fan-girls to high school boys on the subway. Since Tennis no Oujisama is an anime mainly focused on the sport tennis, it is obvious that other areas such as romance, etc. are not focused on as much in the duration of the anime. Which leads to the conclusion that if this were an anime that also had a slight focus on romance, it can be certain that Takeshi Konomi-san would put Ryoma and Sakuno together.
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