School Life: Never What it First Seems

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School Life: Never What it First Seems

Post by KawaiiGirl104 »

So I just finished reading this book called "Ballad" and in it there was a performing arts school that was made especially to protect people with "special abilities" from faeries. So that made me want to make an RP about a school that wasn't what it first seemed like! Hope you enjoy!


Here's the profile for you to fill out:

Age: (nothing over 18, unless you're a teacher)
Occupation: (student, teacher, etc.)
Appearance: (description, link, or a picture attachment)
Normal feeling: (happy, sad, mad, joyful, depressed, etc.)
Background: (important things to know about your personal life)
Life Before This School: (what were you doing before this school?)
Other: (anything else we need to know about your character)


Here are my profiles!

Name: Shizuka Kuyami
Age: 16
Occupation: Student
Appearance: see picture attachment
Normal feeling: Shy
Personality: Most people think she's a dark person, but she just doesn't like talking.
Background: Her parents both died before she was five years old. Normally, she lives in an orphanage not too far from the school. But because it's an academy, in technicallities, she stayed there. And for as long as she can remember, she's been able to do just about anything with her mind and her mind alone.
Life Before This School: At the orphanage, she has one roommate but never talks to him. They both entered the same school but still never talked to each other. It was only when her powers grew stronger that they started to stay closer and closer to each other.
Other: Anything else that can be said may be too dangerous to say.

Name: Kisuke Suzukuri
Age: 17
Occupation: Student
Appearance: See picture attachment
Normal feeling: Blank
Personality: Cut off from the world
Background: He's lived at the orphanage for as long as he can remember. He's always secretly liked Shizuka but never said anything. Since they both go to the same school, he seems to get a bit closer to Shizuka.
Life Before This School: Always being in the same room as Shizuka makes him a bit happy. But it's mainly knowing that she's not dead yet that keeps him knowing that there might still be hope.
Other: Along with Shizuka, his powers are growing. What kind of powers he has is still unknown. But he constantly feels stronger than usual.


And here’s my start of part of the RP! You can build off of this or you can start from another perspective! Just remember: we all have to meet eventually.

Shizuka was walking right alongside him, their bags nearly touching one another. Her sweater could barely keep the cold breeze from touching her pale skin. Her hair was bothering her, it whipping around her face crazily. She could barely see in front of her and nearly tripped over her own feet many times.
Even though he’d never done it before, Kisuke reached out for Shizuka’s hand. “It’ll help you from tripping,” he said quietly. A small smile was painted on either of their faces. This school… it was quite different. This school was for the “gifted.”
It was Yasha Private Academy.

Have fun!
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Re: School Life: Never What it First Seems

Post by na$talga »

Name:Nastalga Nightengale
Age: 15
Occupation: student
Appearance:il put in attachment
Normal feeling: can change all the time is mostly moody
Personality:can be ok sometimes is most of the time cranky dosent care about loads of things can be verry selfish too but sometimes if she is excited can be really hyper
Background: nastalga is from a verry high ranked arisocrat family from russia nastalga is also a vampire but not alot of people know bout it her special ability is speed but she has visions too and can fly
Life Before This School: was currently at a performing arts school that her parrents sent her too
Other: wishes to be a musician someday
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