A question about the Skypiea arc.

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A question about the Skypiea arc.

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Hi guys

This is going to be somewhat of a long post, so please forgive me for any inconvenience but I want to be completely honest.

I asked this question on a lot of forums, and still didn't get an answer. In fact, if you searched for this question on google chances are the poster is me. And I also asked people that watch One Piece as well but I'm still looking for answers. And this question is one of the main reasons why I joined this forum. And I'm not doing this because of any malicious intent, I genuinely don't know the answer.

Also, a while back I had my PC completely formatted, so I lost all of the links to the posts that had this question, so I decided to ask the question again here and on a number of forums that I recently joined. Also, please note that I don’t read the One Piece manga.

My question is this:

In the Skypiea arc in the One Piece anime series, Enel, who is the main antagonist of that arc, says he's "god", is that true?

And if so, does he mean he’s A god, like Thor from the Marvel comic book franchise or does he mean he’s THE God, the one one that Muslims and Christians pray to?

And did any of the Straw Hat Pirates believed him?
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Re: A question about the Skypiea arc.

Post by jesse99 »

None of the Straw Hat Pirates genuinely believe Enel is a god. While they witness his formidable electrical abilities, they ultimately see through his claims and view him as a formidable adversary rather than a deity. The Straw Hat Pirates, particularly Monkey D. Luffy, aim to challenge and defeat Enel as they do with any formidable foe in their quest.
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